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 SJMP Plays a tough game against the defending champs!
If I had to say which movie best captured the way we played against the heavy favourites Michael Power....I would say the movie True Grit! These girls played their hearts out only to lose a heart breaker 1-0!!! Fantastic season ladies.

Field Hockey Team Captures Bronze Medal

As the summer reaches its conclusion, as the school year is about to begin, I also know that a whirlwind is about to set in. That environmental upheaval, I affectionately call field hockey. The announcements, practices, games, yelling and crying come fast and furious. Our regular season started on September 26th. I never truly know what to expect from my team. I assume that we should be competitive, after all we still had three tough and talented grade 12’s left over from last year’s team. Excel Mba, Alexa Silva and Kiara Pannozzo led our relatively young group to five consecutive victories and first place in the east. I guess we had become the ‘Beasts of the East”. Our only loss was our last game. I’ve been watching and playing sports for many years, and often the cliché that “we beat our-selves” is used, but in our case, we literally beat ourselves.
So what’s a little turmoil? Our perfect season was lost, but playoffs were next up. We rebounded with a strong game against Redmond, and moved on to the semi-finals against Bishop Allen – the defending champions! The good – we had a stronger game than last year. The bad – they scored first. The ugly – we never scored. Even though the loss was tough, we were determined to finish the season by capturing the bronze medal in the last game of the year against the other St. Joes! We fell short last year, this year had to be different. That bronze medal game was epic. Not only did we have to play a tough opponent, we also had to fight the elements. There was a lot of rain – part of the field was a swimming pool. The girls had to fight their way through the St. Joseph’s College defense and swim their way towards the goal.
A late goal was the eventual winner as the jaguars went on to capture a bronze medal, capping off a very successful season. The whirlwind season came to a sudden end – over in less than two months. Overall, I’d say it was a terrific season. As Ms. Mc Cormick said, we are a top three team in the entire board. Unfortunately, we have to say good-bye to our grade twelves, but hopefully the memories of this season will last a lifetime. A special thanks to Ms. Slipetz and Ms. Birkett for helping out with the team and keeping me sane and out of trouble with the refs. Until next year – Verre out!