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2016 Video for Camp O is Now Up!    click here


Camp Olympia - Registration 

hh.pngThe candidate selection process is now open. We are looking for you to submit a 1-2 minute video clip (uploaded to YOUTUBE) with the focus 
on why you should be selected to represent SJMP at Camp Olympia.
To register your video CLICK HERE​.
Submissions due Tuesday Feb 23rd, 2016 at 11:59 pm.
Submissions will be judged on:
a) creativity of video  
b) video's ability to address 3 key points  of leadership      
c) number of views and likes the video gets.
Student's must disable comments when posting videos - failure to do so may eliminate you from consideration.

Students should recognize that their credit counselling and attendance records could hinder their selection. 


Congratulations to the following students: (with video links)


Vanessa Watson   
Catherine OBrien   
Destini Allen-Buckmire   
Samantha Nicastro   
Saron Tecle   
Thiviya Thirunavaukarasu   
Carrie Julianne Marie Baetiong   
Desiree Junio   
Sherie Dawn Pantig   
Arianne Palmares   
Nabel Perez   
Erica Panes   
Gwendolyn Pryor   
Claudia Coluccio   

Chiara Arena*
Emma Prinsloo*
Khristine Ong*

Emily Visconti*

Mariel Pahayahay*

Kathleen Garcia*


* = sent submissions directly to Mr. Simoes.