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The St. Joseph Morrow Park Elves’ Mission, 2017

class photo
The St. Joseph Morrow Park Catholic Secondary School “Elves’ Mission” originated during class discussions in Ms. Mary Mihalek’s grade twelve Religion class. This project was inspired after the students worked on a unit about the Sermon on the Mount and after reflecting on how they, as followers of Jesus, could help even in a small way to bring about God’s kingdom on earth. The students in the Religion class felt compelled to do something after seeing all of the serious issues faced by their friends at school, their neighbours in the city of Toronto and the people around the world who are struggling to have the basic needs of survival and fulfillment: clean water, unpolluted air, proper nutrition, and schools for girls.

The students’ mission of collecting donations to help those who are less fortunate took place from December 4th to December 18th. This initiative drew support from staff and students alike as all the period one classes collected Christmas gifts such as: toys, books, stationery, scarves, gloves, and hygiene products. These items were donated to St. Francis Table, which is an outreach centre for the poor that serves over 200 people a day. St. Francis Table is located at 1322 Queen Street West in downtown Toronto. Handmade Christmas cards were also welcomed contributions. In addition, hot chocolate was sold during all lunches and, with the proceeds, the students were able to purchase gift cards for fellow St. Joseph Morrow Park students in need.
donated items in box
Raffle tickets were also given out to the staff and students for every single donation they made.  This raffle gave everyone an extra incentive to bring in lots of Christmas gifts. The raffle winner was announced at the Christmas Assembly on December 22 and this person was given Toronto Raptors tickets for a game that will take place in February, 2018.
Inspired to help others in their community and to spread love and Christmas cheer, the St. Joseph Morrow Park school community set out on a mission to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Hopefully, Christmas Day will be a joyful occasion for everyone-especially for the people who need our help and support so that they too can rejoice in the birthday of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Written by:
Ashley Huang, Veronica Giannotta (grade 12 students) and Ms. Mihalek