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Paterna's Parliament?

group photo

On Friday, October 19th, 2018, Mr. Paterna’s grade 10 civics class travelled to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario (Queen’s Park) in downtown Toronto. We were lead on a fascinating tour of the entire facility, where our tour guide  provided us with interesting information about Queen’s Park where the provincial legislative and executive branches of government do their work.  We were fortunate enough to meet and take a picture with Willowdale’s MPP, Stan Cho. We were able to interact with him, ask questions, learn more about his role as an MPP, and he also gave us his contact information should we have any future questions. We were lucky enough to be the first ever Morrow Park grade 10 civics class to stand on the floor of the Legislative Assembly where provincial laws are passed! After our visit to Queen’s Park, we enjoyed our walk to the Eaton’s Center, where we ate lunch to finish off the day.