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Toronto Catholic District School Board

District Review - January 24, 2017

Once every 5 years a school gets evaluated, reviewed and supported by the Ministry of Education.  Our district review took place on Tuesday January 24.  Our School Effectiveness Framework and goals were evaluated.  Following is a feedback of our strengths.

Assessment for/as/of Learning: SEF 1.3 Students and educators build a common understanding of what students are learning by identifying, sharing, and clarifying the learning goals and success criteria.

Areas of Strength: *-Success Criteria and Learning Goals clearly displayed in classrooms

*-Student artefacts are publicly displayed to promote a positive learning environment

*Many students articulated an understanding of what they are learning, the purpose of the learning and how to demonstrate the learning

*-grade level consistency in the use of success criteria and learning goals

*-teachers invest in individualized conferencing based on needs of the students

*-clear evidence of student driven learning opportunities which promotes student engagement

Student Engagement: SEF 3.4 Students demonstrate a wide range of transferable skills, such as teamwork, advocacy, leadership and global citizenship

Areas of Strength

*-visible evidence of addressing self- regulation (i.e., Peace Tent, Tattle Monster, Zones of Regulation, etc.)

*-Stop the Stigma, Student Council, HAT, ECO Hawks and extracurricular activities play key roles in school life
*-clear evidence of collaboration and group work which promotes positive relationships in a safe environment

*-strong evidence of partnerships with the community (i.e. Public Health)

Congratulations to our exemplary staff and energetic students for a successful day.
Go Hawks! 


How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students

There are many activities which exemplify the Catholic environment at St. Jude. There are celebrations of community masses and large school masses. Special child-centered masses are planned for smaller groups of students. Parish clergy visit on a regular basis. The prayer life at St. Jude is very active. In terms of visible signs there are many crucifixes, holy pictures and displays acknowledging our good works and commitment to our faith.


St. Jude provides students with a safe and welcoming environment. Codes of behaviour and consequences are discussed at divisional assemblies. Students and parents are welcome to discuss their concerns.For example, an anaphylaxis in-service and an establishment of an anaphylaxis protocol have addressed food allergy concerns.
There are many curriculum initiatives. Reverse integration has been introduced to enhance the learning of our exceptional and English as a second language students.
- Team teaching and team planning are part of the strategies used for program delivery.
- Partnering with school librarian will provide opportunities for small group interactions.
- A computer plan has been established to focus on computer literacy. 
- Literacy development will be the focus for the primary division.
- Peace education and social skills programs will assist students in developing interpersonal and problem solving skills.

There are many co-curricular activities and programs organized at St. Jude. Students are involved in sports, arts and crafts, drama and music activities. In addition, there is a chess club and a W5H team. All of our students are enrolled in international languages in our extended day programs.

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