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Toronto Catholic District School Board

School Learning Improvement Plan
Our School Improvement Plan remains committed to ensuring that our teachers all use the Three-Part Math Problem solving approach to delivering the math curriculum to our students. Through the work of Grade 4, 5, and 6 Math Study groups initiated by the Board’s math department, our  teachers continue to explore more efficient, productive ways in making our students more numerate. Through the work of our Secondary Schools Learning Network, our Grade 7 and 8 teachers are also embarking on sessions that promote their understanding of the Collaborative Inquiry Model for delivering the numeracy curriculum. Their understanding of the problem solving approach will be shared with our family of school intermediate teachers. In the area of literacy development, we continue to utilize best practices that assist our students in making the necessary connections in what they read to themselves and to the world around them. It is this collaborative spirit that is truly making a difference in how the students approach their  learning and hopefully develop a greater love of learning.
The overall goal for this year is to continue to make our students stronger critical thinkers. Through the continued focus on assessment for and as learning, our teachers can use the students’ assessment tasks as a formative means of steering them towards a deeper understanding of what they are engaged in. We will achieve this goal through the continual practice of ensuring that all students know clearly what the learning goal is. Once established, teachers will use exemplars to build success criteria for achieving Levels 3  and 4 and work to assist our special needs students to achieve their best even if that means moving from Level 1 to 2 - that too is a celebratory accomplishment which we are proud of. The final piece of the assessment puzzle involves teachers providing meaningful written and/or oral feedback so that the students know where they are in their learning.
Continue to talk to your children daily about what they are learning at school and thank you for your support in helping us to achieve our learning goals for our students, your children.