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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Professional Learning Form - Our Goals

PLF St. Jude.pdfPLF St. Jude.pdf

PLF - 2016-2017.pdfPLF - 2016-2017.pdf

 ProfessionalLearningForm 2016-2017 - SLIP.pdfProfessional Learning Form 2016-2017 - SLIP.pdf

Our School Learning Improvement Plan is now public. We encourage our Parent community to review the goals we have set this year in collaboration with our School Improvement Team which is made up of representatives from our primary, junior and intermediate divisions.  Our focus is math – Number Sense, Student Voice & Reading Strategies.   We arrived at our goals looking at the trend data from our assessments.  We also continue to build on our understanding of the best practices of establishing clear learning goals for our students; the co-creation of a success criteria for student assignments, providing immediate, meaningful and relevant descriptive feedback so students have a clear idea if they are working towards completing Levels 3 and 4 work. This initiative is in keeping with our 21st Century initiative of assisting our students and teachers to define the learning task; plan the learning task, doing the task and then reflecting in order to consolidate student learning to promote student achievement. Collaboration and student voice is the key skill for students through collaborative investigation task we support our students to become lifelong learners. In order to address this assessment goal for the year the teachers will continue to focus on critical thinking tasks that fall under the curriculum of numeracy. More specifically teachers will align language activities with the virtue being promoted that month, for November it will be: Peacemaking. They will then build many classroom language and cross curricular activities with this Big Idea. Within the curricular area of math teachers will continue to deliver their program using strategies such as mental math, investigation, student voice and collaborative structure (think-pair-share, talking chips, inside outside circle, place mat). These strategies supports student voice and team work, essential life skills.  Our school wide goal will focus on ensuring that our students will become stronger critical thinkers.   We need your support to reinforce our math focus, please come out for our math nights to collaborate with us.  Dates and time will come to you via your children.
 Students will focus on becoming 21C learners through collaboration, critical thinking and use of technology.  If you have any questions in regards to our school learning and improvement plan or any other school initiative, do not hesitate to contact the school to make an appointment with us to discuss. 
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