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At St. Kateri Tekakwitha, we believe that our students (no matter how small) have an important VOICE with ideas and opinions that help to make our school stronger and more vibrant.


We have a very active STUDENT COUNCIL Executive made up of elected student members from the Intermediate Division.  Every beginning of the year students run for various positions and students from the Junior and Intermediate divisions have an official election to elect our student representatives.


Over the past year our Student Council has been working very closely with Administration in bringing forth their ideas.  Student Council members: spoke at our various assemblies; helped the Parent Council on a number of initiatives: assisted in communicating Health and Safety matters during our Pandemic.




President:  Maya S. (St. Anne's Virtual School) + Julianne B (Onsite SKT)                           
Vice-President:Angelica S. (Gr. 7) 
Secretary:  Sidney  
Treasurer:  Vacant                                                         
Arts Rep:  Christine K.
Technology Reps:  Alex T (Gr. 7)                 
Photographer:  Nico F                                
Health and Safety:  Victor C
Social Rep:  Nicholas C                                      
Staff Liaisons:  Ms. Mondelli and Ms. Soo