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Toronto Catholic District School Board

"The family which experiences joy... is the salt of the earth and the light of the world, it is the leaven of society as a whole."  Pope Francis 
 Our SKT Students have the opportunity to re-compose lyrics to well known popular songs reflecting on our school community.  Here are a few selections:
"SKT Song" parody of 'Fight Song' by Rachel Platten
We're a small school, in the open. sending kids' brains into motion.
Like how a single school, can make your heart open. 
We may be a small school, but we can cause a commotion.
And all those things we learn today, we bring them back the very next day. 
We got the skills in our braings to be prepared for anything.
We are SAINT KATERI, we're also called SKT.  We are awesome!
Our school united, can't be divided. That's who we are at Saint Kateri.  And we're proud to be at SKT.
Parody of Walk the Moon lyrics
Oh don't you dare pack up
just keep your eyes on me
I said, "Your time is up."
Stand up and pray with me
We say grace nnow before our meals.  We say "AAAmen" Lunchtime at Kateri.
We are the students of the school
Located at 70 Margaret Avenue
Working together to advance our claim
As the best school in the board.
We work on Math, Science and Social Studdies, Art, French and Language tooo!
A small brick building down in Pleasantview
Going here is what your kids should do
See the great things that our students do down at St. Kateri down at SKT.
The greatest staff that's every been assembled
Led by Ms. Mondelli!
This is the year... to celebrate the family
The way they work... to make us succeed
So join us now... until the end of June
Year of the fam-i-ly!