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For Parents



Providing a safe and welcoming environment is one of our objectives. To this end we ask everyone to observe the following:

  • During the school day all visitors, including parents and grandparents, MUST come to the office via the front door. If you wish to visit the teachers, we will arrange for this at the office. No-one is to be in the school halls or stairwells unless you are a student or a staff member.



REMEMBER: This is for your son/daughter’s safety.

  • If you are walking your son/daughter to school please say your good-byes at the gates and let them proceed on their own, this will ensure unwanted visitors from having access to the school grounds. With so many uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters etc. we can’t distinguish friendly from unfriendly – so all will follow the same rules. 
  • When driving your son/daughter to school, please do not use the parking lot, the lot is for staff only, use the circular drive around the back of the church parking lot, and again, let the students enter on their own. 
  • There will be a newsletter sent home monthly with school information and events.