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School History And Tradition


St. Leo Catholic School is slowly approaching its centenary. St. Leo was the only Catholic school in the Mimico Separate School Board when it was founded in 1926. In the original 1926 wing, St. Leo consisted of eight classrooms and an auditorium. This auditorium was used for many Church and community events and was indeed the cultural and entertainment centre for Catholics in Mimico.

Today St. Leo Catholic School has classes from full day Junior Kindergarten through to grade 8. There are also four special programs: two classes for children with multiple exceptionalities, the Language Impaired Class, Kindergarten Language Program and the Parenting Literacy Centre (Ministry of Ontario initiative). 

The school is home to students from varying ethnic and cultural backgrounds who live in Mimico. This school is exceptional for its large number of second, third and even fourth generation St. Leo students. The most outstanding feature of the St. Leo community is the strong tradition of Catholic family values that is evident in our students. 


Former alumini of St. Leo Catholic School include National Hockey League (NHL) players Brendan Shanahan, David Bolland and Reilly Smith as well as National LaCrosse League (NLL) player Rory Smith.