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Homework help - Links

Here are some web based tools that students can access from home to help with a variety of homework questions:

·       Canadian Atlas Online: an online mapping tool.
·       Directionaries and Quotations (English and French): compiled by the Toronto Public Library.
·       EBSCO Research Database: an online research database for students:
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·       e-Learning Ontario: provides online courses and resources to secondary and elementary students, providing them with more opportunities to succeed.
· popular one-stop information resource for kids including timelines, almanacs, a colourful atlas and over 57,000 short articles from the Columbia Encyclopiea. The Homework Center breaks information down into subjects (geography, math, social studies) and skills (writing, speaking and listening, studying).
·       French Encyclopedie Hachette Multimedia en ligne: online resource where you can access the French Encyclopedia.
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·       Grolier Online: six research databases including encyclopedias and magazines:
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·       Homework help: compiled by the Toronto Public Library, this site provides online help for homework assignments and studying; information is arranged by the Ontario curriculum courses and strands and includes extensive list of resources.
· a site for animals and places.
· the Toronto Public Library has provided 'pathfinders', collections of links to kid-friendly resources on everything from ancient Rome to Canada's trading partners to math and music.
·       Library and Archives Canada: online resource where you can have your questions on Canadiana answered.
·       Mathville: a web-based math resource - a web software designed to make math fun for Ontario grade 1 to 8 students; to students it looks like a game collection but each of the activities addresses an important topic in the Ontario math curriculum. Mathville is licensed for school and home use by all Ontario teachers and students.
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·       Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies: a free math help portal that features interactive lessons, worksheets and homework help (as endorsed by the TCDSB).
·       National Atlas of Canada: online resource that allows you to download maps and find details on Canada's geography.
·       Nelson Math: suggestions to help your child from JK to grade 8 learn mathematics.
· study guides of classic books.
·       Students can also ask their teacher for the user id and password to the Ontario Educational Resource Bank (OERB).
·       Math Help for Grade (7 – 12)