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School bus schedules are arranged for the general convenience of the students and parents.  As much as traffic, weather, and other conditions will permit, the times of the drop-off and pick-ups are the same from day to day.  The Board accepts responsibility for its pupils from the time of pick-up and until the time of drop off.
Whether departing from home or school, for the safety of all students, children are required to:
1.        be on time and wait for the bus at the designated pick-up location
2.       wait for the bus in an orderly manner
3.       board the bus in single file (“one behind the other”)
4.        remain seated while the bus is in motion
5.        behave in a manner considerate of others
6.        be representatives of St. Louis Catholic School!
7.        obey the rules of the bus as stated by First Student Bus Company, McCluskey & Attridge
Students are responsible to the principal, as well as the bus driver, for their conduct on the school bus.  Unsatisfactory student behaviour will be reported to parents and the child will be given a warning. IF THE MISBEHAVIOUR PRESISTS, THE CHILD WILL BE PROHIBITED FROM USING THE BUS FOR A DESIGNATED PERIOD OF TIME.
It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that your child arrives at the bus stop from home and walks from the bus stop to home safely.  PARENTS SHOULD ENSURE THAT EACH CHILD CAN IDENTIFY HIS OR HER BUS STOP. The student is the responsibility of the Board and the School Bus Operator while on the school bus. The student is the responsibility of the parent from the time the child gets off the school bus when it arrives at the drop-off point.
With respect to students on individual pick up and drop off routes (eg. JK, SK), it is the responsibility of the parent to contact the bus company directly to advise when a pick up is not required due to illness etc.
Please check the current BUS STOP SCHEDULE. Every effort will be made to address any concerns that might arise surrounding the transportation of our child/children.