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Bonjour parents/guardians,

As the Core French teacher at St. Louis I am enthusiastic about another successful school year!

Parents constantly ask "How do I help my child learn French?"
I reply, what is important is that you get involved. This is what will really get your child's attention. 
Look for a French language picture book at the public library or bookstore, listen to a French radio station or watch some television in French and listen for words you recognize.  For parents of intermediate students, perhaps view a French-language movie together -- even with subtitles--every bit helps!

For parents with younger children, ask your child to teach you some vocabulary they've learned in French class recently.  Practice a couple of these words, enticing your child to do the same.  What a wonderful way to review new material from school as a family & share Canada's second official language!

And finally, get informed.

Below are just a few suggestions to help you enhance  your child's French-language education.

Merci et au plaisir,

Mme Nguyen

Check out this website for parents:

Canadian Parents for French at

Canadian Parents for French are a national network of volunteers which values French as an integral part of Canada and which is dedicated to the promotion and creation of French-second-language learning opportunities for young Canadians.
It's a source of information about subjects which range from how to encourage literacy at home to back to school jitters.  
Additional information includes details about Camp Mère Clarac and other French camps,  how to motivate your tween in FSL, contests, scholarships for French speaking high school students, and more!

Some resources every child should have access to:

-Bescherelles verb conjugation book (for Intermediate students)

-A French-English Dictionary (for example, the Larousse edition used in class, price $14.95)

-www.Word (or any other comprehensive 'online' dictionary)


Learn French language with free to use and fun online gamesLearn French phrases, greetings, vocabulary, numbers and grammar.