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School History And Tradition

TSt. Luigihe new facilities built for students of St. Luigi Catholic School were officially opened and blessed on June 3, 1979. St. Luigi, one of the pioneer sharing schools, was opened in Perth Avenue Public School in 1973 and portables were added as enrollment grew.

Our school is named for Father Luigi Monti, the founder of the religious order known as the “Sons of the Immaculate Conception”.

Father Luigi was born near Milan Italy, July 24, 1825. Throughout his entire life he dedicated himself to serving God. He alternated the task of educator with that of nurse when cholera broke out and he did not spare himself in helping the sick. Today the “Sons of the Immaculate Conception” continue the work of Father Luigi in hospitals, and educational apostolates as priests, doctors, nurses, teachers and educators. Father Luigi died October 1, 1900.


On November 10, 2003, John Paul II beatified Father Luigi Maria Monti as a 19th-century apostle of the sick and the poor. In the homily at the beatification on Sunday, John Paul II summarized Monti’s life by highlighting his commitment to “heal the wounds of the bodies and souls of the sick and of the orphans.”


“He liked to call them the “little poor” and he placed himself at their service, animated by a lively fate, founded on intense and constant prayer,” the Pope said. “How important for our time is the message of this new blessed!”