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St. Luigi Art Program
During the last week of January, grade 7 an 8 students at St. Luigi Catholic School were involved in an art program that included special guest, Mr. Moudu Ekhar who went to Mrs. Gingerich, Mrs. Rodrigues and Ms. Corino’s classes to teach their class various types of art with a focus on creating comics.

During his visit, Mr. Ekhar showed the students a video about a town that was located in Nova Scotia called Africville. Africville is a place where many people of African origin lived. After a few years, the government said that Africville had to go. In between 1964 and 1967, people were getting evicted and Africville was being destroyed as a town. There were many protests going on for this piece of land.

After watching this video, students made comics about what happened in Africville with some characters Mr. Ekhar asked them to draw. It was a fun time and it gave the students an opportunity to write and draw what they understood about Africville. This also gave them a chance to sharpen their writing and drawing skills.

art program picture 1

art program picture 2