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Toronto Catholic District School Board



 This year's Softball Tournament will be the last in this sport for some time...  At a recent Athletic Meeting, a vote was taken and a decision made to have the sport of softball removed (starting next year), for some time.  In it's place, again beginning next year, there will be three levels of competition in Soccer - a Primary Team, a Junior Team, and an Intermediate Team.  As was noted, this will be the arrangement for the next few years, at which point the sport of Softball will be revisited and a new vote taken.

So, if you haven't seen or supported one of our Softball Teams recently, you'll be happy to know that in the last few years our teams have done very well and made our school very proud...  we've either won or come in second in four of the last six years - and that's with (both) our Boys and Girls' Teams.

The dates and parks have not yet been announced for this year's tournaments, but if you stay tuned to this page, as soon as any information is made available it will be published here.


Please feel free to check out the pictures below of some of our past teams: