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About Us

How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students
At St. Malachy School we strive to maintain an environment which reflects our Catholic faith. Each day begins with a scripture reading on the public address system, which is read by various students. Each child in the school has the opportunity to read to the entire community from our book of faith at least once during the year. Prayers are said in each class at various times throughout the day. School, divisional and class liturgies, paraliturgies and other celebrations are held throughout the year. Modeling of our Christian values is encouraged at all times.
Providing a safe and welcoming learning environment is a priority in our school. At the beginning of each school year, the students are assembled in the gym to review collectively the safety rules and practices within our community, and are reminded of such frequently throughout the year. A safe arrival program is in place so that children who are not at school can be easily identified. The students are supervised throughout the day from 8:25 a.m. to 3:40 p.m. Family and other community members are most welcome at our school, however, all visitors are reminded that they must first report to the office upon entering the school. These and other safety measures, including our code of behaviour, are clearly outlined in the Parent Handbook which is distributed yearly.
Once the spiritual and physical needs of the St. Malachy Schoolstudents are met with a warm, safe Catholic environment, their academic needs can be addressed. At St. Malachy, we strive to provide academic programs which encourage students to achieve their highest potential. Through daily and long range plans, teachers outline courses of study and address curriculum outcomes. Programs are enriched through out-of-school excursions, “partners in action”--teachers working with our librarian, teacher in-services, conferences and computer usage.
Each child's progress and needs are carefully monitored so that programs may be modified when necessary. If the need arises for individual program modification, assistance may be provided to the classroom teacher by members of our school-based support team. Should additional assessment be necessary following this stage, a joint action team meeting is held to further discuss the child's needs. The parents, school-based support team members and out-of-school support members are in attendance at such a meeting. Parents are kept well informed of their children's progress through various forms of communication--phone calls, notes and conferences. By working together, parents and staff have been meeting the needs of our children.
In addition to addressing the various academic, emotional and spiritual needs of students at St. Malachy Catholic School, we provide opportunities for them to explore their talents and interests through various clubs, teams and events, including sport teams, choir, chess club, W5H, student council, talent show and concerts. Participation in such activities allows the students to further develop their social and interpersonal skills, while contributing to the overall positive and high spirited culture of the school.