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School History And Traditon
Our school is named after the first Irishman who became a legal saint, Mael Maedoc Ua Morgair. Born in 1095, in Northern Ireland, Malachy was raised in a very religious and highly moral home where he learned obedience, self-discipline and fair play.
At the age of 25, Malachy became a priest St. Malachy Schooland was made Bishop of Connor at age 30. Here he brought faith back to the people through kindness and wholesome severity. Malachy was credited with many miracles and prophecies. On All Soul's Day in 1148, St. Malachy died in France in the arms of St. Bernard. St. Malachy's feast day is celebrated each year with readings, the St. Malachy Song, and with everyone wearing the school colours, green, white and orange.
The 10-acre site on which St. Malachy Catholic School is situated was formerly owned by Arthur and Emma Bennett and was farmland used for mixed farming and raising hogs.
The Metropolitan Separate School Board (now the Toronto Catholic District School Board) purchased the site on July 8 , 1954 and construction of the school began during the summer of 1969. St. Malachy opened in September 1969, in portables at St. Martin de Porres School. It had eight teachers and 225 students. The school moved to its permanent site in March, 1979. Mrs. Mary Michell was the first principal of the school. It was she who was instrumental in establishing an Irish flavour to the school.