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For Parents
The Provincial Report Card (Elementary)
A Guide for Parents/Guardians
The new Provincial Report Card has been implemented throughout all elementary schools in the TCDSB.  It is hoped that it will provide you with clear, detailed, straightforward information about how your child is achieving and progressing in school in relation to provincial curriculum expectations and standards.
The Report Card for Grades 1 to 8 ensures that all students in Ontario receive a standard form. As Catholic schools, we use the form that acknowledges our commitment to Religious education throughout the curriculum. As well, the knowledge and skills of Religious education are reflected in a section titled "Religious and Family Life Education".
The Report Card reflects the vision of the learner by describing distinctive expectations that the Catholic community has for graduates of our schools.
These expectations are:
• A discerning believer formed in the Catholic faith community
• An effective communicator
• A reflective and creative thinker
• A self-directed, responsible, life long learner
• A collaborative contributor
• A caring family member
• A responsible citizen
The Report Card will be given to students three times a year, in the fall, in the spring, and in June. It reflects the curriculum expectations for each term. This means that the June Report Card reflects the curriculum expectations of the third term only and not for the entire year. For each reporting period, the mark or grade given identifies the most consistent level of achievement of your child for the subject or strand. This achievement is based on a variety of assessments of the skills and knowledge of the curriculum expectations.
The Report consists of three pages. It incorporates the following sections:
• Attendance and Punctuality is given for each term as well as cumulatively.
• Promotion Status flags early concerns in order to involve parents in efforts to ensure successful achievement.
• Achievement of the Provincial Curriculum Expectations is a guide for achievement levels.
• The Four Levels of Achievement clearly establish levels of student performance.
Level 3 is identified as the provincial standard.
Level Achievement Grades 1–6 Grade Grades 7–8 %
4 Achievement exceeds  A 80–100
the provincial standard
3 Achievement meets the  B 70–79
provincial standard
2 Achievement approaches  C 60–69
the provincial standard
1 Achievement falls much  D 50–59
below the provincial
Remediation "R" or "below 50" indicates that extensive remediation is required and indicates the student is not achieving the expectations of the present grade.
The grade 7 and 8 report card also includes a grade average which is based on marks for all students in the school at a given grade.
Religious and Family Life
Education is placed at the beginning of the report card to demonstrate the value, the prominence, and the reverence with which we hold Religious Education and Family Life Education.
Assessment and evaluation in Religious Education and Family Life Education only measures the knowledge and skills in the programs. They do not measure a person’s growth in faith. There is a difference in a person knowing about God (which can be measured) and knowing God (which cannot be measured). Our role as Catholic educators, in partnership with the home and parish, is to invite children to engage in an active relationship with Jesus Christ. Both Religious Education and Family Life Education programs assist in this process. However, it must be remembered that our Catholic faith is embedded throughout our entire curriculum. This, in turn, supports the ongoing catechetical process your child experiences in a Catholic School.
• Subjects. For each subject marks or letter grades are entered. For grades 1 to 6, letter grades are used. For Grades 7 and 8 percentages are used. Comments relating to your child’s achievement of the curriculum expectations and learning skills are placed to the right of the marks.
Where applicable, the boxes such as ESL, ESD, IEP, French are checked with suitable comments given.
If any mark or grade box is left blank, an appropriate explanation is given. For example, in the first term, not all strands in math are studied.
• Learning Skills. Information is provided on your child’s overall demonstration of learning skills. This includes participation, behaviour and attitude across all subjects as well as extra curricular activities.
• Response Form. This section provides parents/guardians and the student with the opportunity to comment on student achievement, goals and home support and/or to request a meeting to discuss the Report Card.
n.b. Parents are asked to comment on the Report Card. We ask that you sign and return page 3 to indicate you have seen the Report Card. Pages 1 and 2 should be kept for your own records.
All three pages will be entered in your child’s Ontario Student Record Card.