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Principal's Message


We have an excellent staff consisting of teachers, specialists, secretaries and caretakers who are dedicated and collaboratively work together to ensure that students have a safe and welcoming environment to learn. We are a school learning community made up of twent-nine diverse cultures and backgrounds, with varying needs and abilities.Our student population of almost 400 includes many different nationalities that contribute to our multi-cultural community.
St. Marcellus School has also continued to foster an environment of high expectations in the academic area, as well as building a positive school climate in overall student and community interactions. We are an inclusive learning community rooted in the love of Christ and leading our lives based on faith, hope and charity. At St. Marcellus, we apply Catholic Social Teachings to all that we do. We continually strive to promote and model the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations on a daily basis. St.Marcellus has seen continually progressed in student achievement, both in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy, especially if taking into consideration the number of students that have achieved 2.7 - 2.9 in the past two years on the EQAO raw scores. Taking this into consideration, our overall percentages would be far higher than the present scores, well above our targeted goals. St. Marcellus has for the past few years made improvements in the increase of use of the mathematic manipulatives, teaching resources (i.e. Daily Five,Making Math Meaningful, Inquirying Minds), inservices that the teachers have taken advantage of at the school,regional and board level, planning and moderated marking, timetable scheduling, sharing of materials and overall proficiency in assessment for, as and of learning has been the focus of teacher collaboration. The staff has also taken advantage of the many inservices offered at the board level, hub meetings and personally devised professional development in the area of SMART technology and netbook use. Our school will be hosting a series of professional development math opportunities through our Math Bi-Monthly Study Group sessions.
Our goal is to increase the amount of co-teaching opportunities within our school to enhance best-practices and student learning. We are moving towards school-wide implementation of technology including the purchasing of a variety of hardware (i.e. laptops, ipads and projectors) and implementing a variety of classroom programs such as blogs, e-learning,edmodo etc.) through our collaborative work with the School Technology Team. These aspects and our collaborative school culture are in support of 21st Century learning initiatives anf fluencies.

Our school motto is 'Striving for Excellence' and along with the partnership of the Parents, the Church and the School we will work together in achieving our goals.