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School History And Tradition


St. Marcellus School is named after Pope Marcellus (250-300 A.D.). He built an oratory as a place of prayer for the early Christians who were being persecuted by Emperor Maxentius. After Emperor Constantine defeated Maxentius, Christians were allowed to practice their faith openly.


St. Marcellus Catholic School opened on the present site in October of 1965 with a student population of 90 students. Teaching staff consisted of four and one-half teachers under the direction of Miss Ruth McDonald, our founding principal. The school comprised four classes, grades one to seven and a half day kindergarten class.

Surrounded by fields, forests and working pony farm, St. Marcellus was ideally situated in a beautiful country-like setting. Soon this serene landscape was to change with the construction of Denfield Street, Westway High School and Richview Seniors Residence.


During the 1970's and 1980's, the student population increased dramatically. This necessitated construction of additional classrooms and expansion of teaching areas. In 1975, the library was expanded, Junior and Senior Kindergarten classrooms were created as was a new intermediate area.

As St. Marcellus Catholic School celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1990, discussions were underway to further broaden the scope of services the school could provide. In addition to providing academic instruction, St. Marcellus Catholic School was to become a community school providing a variety of recreational programs for all the community to enjoy.


In 1991 St. Marcellus became the first Community School jointly operated by the TCDSB and Etobicoke Parks and Recreation Department. A double gym, dance studio (stage) and equipment are shared. An after school daycare is also provided. St. Marcellus School enjoys an excellent home, school and Church partnership. The priests of Transfiguration work with the school staff and students to foster a caring Christian community rooted in gospel values. The Catholic School Advisory Council has historically been very active, fundraising, with safety issues, communicating and providing much needed input in decision making.