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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Express Yourself - Arts & Technology Showcase


On December 4th, 2013 our Grade 6, 7, and 8 students came together and put together a wonderful show showcasing the arts and technology. Although the event was facilitated by Ms. Macri and Mrs. O'Kane, it was primarily student run and initiated. Our Stage Director Patrik Prenga, along with our Floor Director Jesselle De La Cuesta, and Technology Director Leo Phillip and their crew led our cast to a night of great success! Our cast featured acts anywhere from song and dance, to magic and visual arts. Our hosts, Shmya Grant and Austin Siemens did a fantastic job interviewing each cast member for their feature videos throughout the show. A big thank you to all the students in Mrs. Palhetas' class, Ms. Falcone's class, Ms. Macri's class, and Mrs. Olivieri's class who helped with decorating the event. Rabbie Abe and Holly Seymour designed the program that was handed out at the evening performance. Great job everyone! We cannot wait until next year's performance!


express yourself.JPG

Beautiful banner designed by Mrs. Palhetas and her class!