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School History And Tradition
The history of St. Margaret Church and St. Margaret Catholic School have been intertwined since the beginning. Our school is within St. Margaret's Parish which includes St. Margaret's Church and St. Eugene's Chapel. St. Eugene's Chapel, a sole country-like church in a busy city, was established in 1941 and continues to serve a thriving community of Catholic worshippers within the area.
St. Margaret's Church was established in 1951. Masses were celebrated at St. Eugene's Chapel and the St. Margaret Catholic School auditorium until the completion of the parish hall in October 1952. Construction of the church began in 1957 and on December 21, 1957 the formal opening and blessing by Cardinal McGuigan was held. The stained glass windows depicting our patroness, St. Margaret of Scotland, were donated by the staff and students of St. Margaret Catholic School.

St. Margaret School opened in 1951 with classes being held in the basement of Blessed Sacrament School. On opening day 67 students were registered working with eight teachers. The school building on Carmichael Avenue opened in 1952 and an addition was completed in 1965.
Throughout our history, three traditions have prevailed:
  • Academic excellence
  • Competitive spirit
  • Caring for others