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St Margaret Students Amaze at Spoken Word Event

On Friday May 11, 2018, St. Margaret’s elementary school welcomed parents, Board staff and community members to their Intermediate Spoken Word Café.  The culminating event, which took place during Education Week, was the result of Grade 7 and 8 student engagement in a very worthwhile process, including:  research, script writing, editing, revising, communication and rehearsal .... a process which was clearly elevated by perseverance and collaboration. Student-generated Spoken Word topics included: Mental Health Issues, Poverty, Pollution, Child Labour, Bullying, and many others. Guided by the principles of faith, collaboration and citizenship, students emerged as the voices of great wisdom, raising awareness, and advocating for positive change.  In fact, student spoken word scripts not only served to enlighten, but also, to impart the universal message that daily small acts of kindness, by every person, could cause a rippling effect ... establishing that world peace is closer than we think.
Gratitude is extended to Ms. Abate-Sampogna, Ms. Di Stefano, Ms. Boulos, Ms. de Backer, and Ms. Simone for their leadership and fortitude, Ms. Leitao and Ms. Ranalli for their support, Mr. Pileggi and Ms. Ribeiro for their commitment and collaboration, the custodial staff (most especially Peter), the awesome parents, and most especially, the students who inspire positive change. Special thank you to Camila R. (Grade 8 student) for designing the Spoken Word Anthology Cover, to Gabrielle S. (Grade 8 student) for designing the Spoken Word banner (serving as our backdrop), to all the grade 7 and 8 students who painted the banner, Axel for the Digitized images, to our student Masters of Ceremony ( Axel, Zach, Rhyne, Sophia, Kyla and Erin), our student photographers and videographers, and all those students who enriched both our morning and afternoon events with their extraordinary musical talents (Lu Mary, Aira, Mervin, Jed, Dan and Abigail).
“A nation’s culture resides in the heart and soul of its people” ... So too does that of a school community. To the St. Margaret community:   Congratulations for the beauty and inspiration of this extraordinary event!
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