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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Swim to Survive

St. Margaret has been fortunate to be a participant in the Swim to Survive Standard Program in cooperation with the Lifesaving Society in the Antibes Community Center. Program geared towards delivering basic in water skills to prevent drowning. Swim skills are not innate they need to be taught and is a life skill that all children need to learn. The Lifesaving Society has defined the minimum skills needed to survive an unexpected fall into deep water in the following skill sequence:

ROLL into deep water

TREAD water (1minute)

SWIM 50 metres.

The Swim to Survive program includes three in-water skill introduction classes (45 to 60 minutes in length)

which focus on the ROLL, TREAD, SWIM skill sequence.

Parents are encouraged to enroll their children in your nearest Toronto Recreation/Aquatic center in Learn to Swim program for this important life skill.