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New Unnamed Elementary School At Baycrest & St. Margaret School Addition Updates

Here are the latest updates and information regarding the construction at St. Margaret Catholic School and the construction of a new school at Baycrest.​

New School At Baycrest - Project Status Update

New School At Baycrest - Project Information

  • Project Type: New School
  • Anticipated Occupancy: September 2, 2025
  • ​Service Quality Supervisor: S. Talarico (#3)
  • Project Supervisor: L. Silva
  • Architect: DTAH Architects ​
  • Contractor: To be determined.


School Addition - Status Update

School Addition - Project Information

  • Project Type: Child Care & Gym Addition
  • Anticipated Occupancy: January 3, 2023
  • ​Service Quality Supervisor: S. Talarico (#3)
  • Project Supervisor: L. Silva
  • Architect: LGA Architects
  • Contractor: To be decided.