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Principal's Message

Dear Parents,
We would like to extend a very warm welcome back to all our returning students and a special welcome to all of our new students in the various grades.  We are thrilled that you have chosen St. Marguerite Bourgeoys as your home for your educational journey.  We anticipate that the 2017-2018 School Year will bring out the best in our students.
CSPC continue their pizza sales on Thursdays. Our first of many CSPC meetings was a great success and we look forward to what is being planned.  In the past, our students were able to enjoy Scientists in the Schools, Family Movie Nights and Non-electronic Board Game Nights.  Our students will continue to organize Me to We and Kindergarten initiated projects such as the ‘Out of the Cold’ drive where we collect tooth paste, soaps and shampoos for those of need.  Thank you to everyone who continues to support our Catholic School Parent Committee and our students in their local and global focused attempts to help others. Our CSPC provides so many activities throughout the year to enhance the experiences of your child while at school.
The pizza slices will continue to be sold for $2 a slice.  Reginos Pizza is fully compliant within the provisions of the Ontario Ministry of Education, School Food and Beverage Policy which all schools must now adhere to when providing food to school students.  They will be serving whole grain dough and turkey pepperoni with reduced levels of saturated fat in the cheese, reduced sodium levels and increased fiber content. All our pizza sales are within these guidelines and the students seem to love it.  We will continue to purchase the Reginos Mega size pizza which will be sliced into 10 pieces rather than the usual 12 cut. We will have a standing order ready for noon distribution by Ms. Menna and student helpers with the possibility of more pizza orders depending on the number of slices paid for in the morning.  Teachers will continue to quickly collect and list by student name each $2 order. Please provide a drink for your child in an ecologically focused re-useable drink container.
St. Marguerite Bourgeoys CS is fully aware of certain students having dietary restrictions and cautions as expressed in the medical information forms distributed to parents.  Some students are highly sensitive to some food products such as nuts and tropical fruit products which might result in anaphylaxis shock.  Many, many other students are sensitive to some common food products. To this end we are forever vigilant.  As a means to reduce worries related to food sensitivities we continue to greatly limit food products coming into the school setting.  Sometimes party and celebration foods from parents can be very well intended but can be significantly disturbing to the health of a student. Parents are requested not to send to school food products for the intention of sharing. This would include Timbits, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, pop, chips, cheesies and candy.  Many ingredients in food products are not fully identified and can be of a health risk to some students.
The Appropriate Dress Code is followed by the students at St. Marguerite Bourgeoys.  The clothing colours include either white or a navy blue top and navy blue bottoms (no jeans).  During the winter months many of our students have found added warmth and cosines through the use of cardigan sweaters, sweater vests and even collared blue cotton ¼ zipper sweat shirts.  Last year, we found that many of the hoodies or parkas that our students were wearing took on a variety of colours that are not uniform colour compliant within the school.  In an effort to adhere to the TCDSB school uniform guidelines many parents should consider buying a dark blue sweater or parka or a collared ¼ zip sweat shirt for their son or daughter.  While the school is nicely heated as the distribution of the heat is now enhanced through a final completion of wiring for the installation of our new school furnace with individually controlled room thermostats.
Please be advised the yard supervision on the east school yard begins at 8:30 and in the kindergarten fenced area at 8:45 and that our students should be dressed appropriately for the weather.
Some students are arriving late to school.  Punctuality and organization are important traits to develop. They will be valued throughout life and into the eventual workplace. We seek to reduce the disturbance of classroom instructional time through the continued late arrival of some children.  For those students that arrive at the front door late at 9:00 am they will proceed to the office for a late slip and will serve detentions with Mr. Chubb in the morning recess each day that they are late.
Thank you everyone for continuing to keep the school safe.  From time to time, there are disturbing recent events related to school security.  While many aspects of appropriate school security have been in place and vigilantly exercised over the past years our school will continue to seek ways to enhance school security even further while still maintaining a cordial and welcoming positive school atmosphere. Our older students exit the school each day escorted by a teacher at 3:30 through one of the three east doors. Kindergarten students are dismissed through the PFLC North West door. All parents can pick up their child at the end of the day on the east school yard.  Some students however, exit through the front doors because of being transported home by school bus.  Parents and visitors are welcome to come in to school at any time before school closure if you intend to take your child home early before 3:30 or if you have a need to discuss anything with office staff and if you wish to make an appropriate appointment with a teacher.   Please seek to make an appointment with your child’s teacher in after school hours if you would like to meet. These procedures have vastly reduced the confusing traffic flow of people in the halls thus affording our teachers a greater opportunity to disperse our children safely and with a greater sense of security as to who is in the building.
For all children and for all guest adults wishing to enter the school through the front school doors please be aware that there is posted signage to assist you if needed as to the procedure to request entry into the school.  Please press the white button on the security panel on your right hand side as you look toward the door.  Please speak clearly into the device and state your name and purpose for the school visit or entry.  Then please look through the glass portion of the entry door to visually identify yourself.  Either Ms. Menna or I will buzz the door mechanism to allow entry.
If you drive your child to school please be careful when entering the school parking lot.  The lot can be quite congested and dangerous.  If you leave your car in an appropriate parking space to escort your child please hold them by the hand when taking the students around the fenced parking lot area and along the north pathway and into the east schoolyard.  Please be continually aware of cars that might be backing up.  I have spoken with Metro Police to assist us in maintaining safe car drop-off and parking procedures and periodically they will be here with us on the parking lot.  Please do not park or drop off children in front of the school as there is not a turning radius opportunity and cars backing up are very dangerous.  An alternate parking placement might be along the east side of Alexmuir Blvd north of the crosswalk where half hour parking is allowed.  This would give drivers the opportunity to drop off their child right at the school sidewalk or to leave the car and escort the child to the east school yard.
Thank you everyone for helping to make St. Marguerite Bourgeoys CS a safe and happy environment in which our students can continue to live, learn and thrive.