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Toronto Catholic District School Board

St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Staff, Students and Parenting Centre enjoyed Carnival, Mardi Gras, Carnival during the week of February 9th to 12th.


During the week, everyone participated in the many winter activities led by the Student Council including the Winter Play Day held outside on the Tuesday. The weather was “warmer” and there was a lot of snow on the ground for the children to play in.


During the week, each classroom was visited by Bonhomme.  

  • Que est le Bonhomme?  Who is the ​Bonhomme?
  • Was it Ms. D'Agnello?  Was it Ms. Cassar?  Was it Ms. Reich?  Was it Mr. Gatta?
  • It was Mr. Pacia !!!!!!


Every day, we played our version of "BINGO"....we like to call it "SNOWY."

  • The first classroom to get one row was: Ms. Knox's classroom.  
  • The first classroom to get two rows was: Ms. De Souza's classroom
  • The first classroom to get three rows was: Ms. D'Agnello's classroom
  • The first classroom to get four rows was: Ms. Hardie's classroom
  • Finally on Thursday, the first class to finish the entire "SNOWY" board was: Ms. De Souza's classroom.

Our final day of Carnival ended with the entire school and Parenting Centre joining together in a school parade.  Every student made a Bonhomme mask and used their artistic creativity to join together in the celebration.

DSC_9790.JPG DSC_9791.JPG DSC_9793.JPG DSC_9794.JPG DSC_9800.JPG DSC_9762.JPG DSC_9795.JPG DSC_9797.JPG DSC_9798.JPG DSC_9759.JPG DSC_9761.JPG DSC_9818.JPG DSC_9820.JPG DSC_9821.JPG DSC_9822.JPG DSC_9825.JPG DSC_9826.JPG DSC_9827.JPG DSC_9802.JPG DSC_9803.JPG  DSC_9804.JPG DSC_9805.JPG DSC_9807.JPG DSC_9828.JPG DSC_9833.JPG DSC_9848.JPG DSC_9849.JPG DSC_9853.JPG DSC_9856.JPG DSC_9840.JPG DSC_9843.JPG DSC_9837.JPG DSC_9839.JPG DSC_9842.JPG

Qui est le Bonhomme?

DSC_9859.JPG DSC_9860.JPG DSC_9861.JPG DSC_9865.JPG DSC_9868.JPG DSC_9870.JPG DSC_9875.JPG DSC_9876.JPG DSC_9878.JPG