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Admissions and Registration
New students are always welcome to our school community.
The Board makes every effort to accommodate students at the school of their choice. Placement will be offered based on the physical capacity of the school, local demand and program availability. Please be advised that living within a school boundary DOES NOT GUARANTEE PLACEMENT. When placement is not possible in the school requested, students will be offered a placement at the nearest TCDSB school with space and program availability. Transportation may be provided in accordance with our Transportation Policy and budget availability.
For general information about admissions and registration, including the new online application process, please visit the main board website.
For specific inquiries about our school, please call us any time.

St. Maria Goretti Catholic School         

Kindergarten Handbook

Dear Parent/Guardian
We would like to welcome students and their families who are new to our school beginning September 2016.  We hope that your child is looking forward to his/her first day of school as much as we look forward to personally welcoming him/her to our school.
·          All bussing, for those who qualify, will begin on September 12, 2016.
Welcome to Kindergarten Program
You and your child are warmly invited to attend our “Welcome to Kindergarten Program” on Thursday, May 12th from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.   You will receive a “Welcome to Kindergarten” bag with magnetic letters and numbers, books, crayons, scissors, paper, glue and more!  Kindergarten teachers will share fun activities you can do at home with your child.  This will be a great opportunity for you and your child to meet the teachers, see the program and have a positive school experience before the summer break.  We look forward to seeing you there!
Dress Code Policy
 Please refer to the attached dress code information.
Change of Address and Telephone Numbers
It is imperative that your home address and home and work telephone numbers are kept up to date in our files.    Please inform the school secretary or send a note with your child in the event that there is a change of:
·          Home address and telephone number
·          Business telephone number for the father and mother
·          Change of Emergency contact person (neighbour, relative)
If your (child)ren is going to be late or absent, please call the school and leave a message before 8:00 a.m.  This supports our Safe Arrival program, but it also cuts back on the number of calls we have to make.  The safe arrival of our students is a joint responsibility of the school and the home.
Kindergarten School Hours
Morning   8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
TCDSB 2015
TCDSB School Year Calendar 2015-2016   
Number of school days                                      194  
Number of Professional Activity Days               6   
Labour Day                                                                  September 7, 2015     
First Instructional Day                                                   September 8, 2015     
Thanksgiving Day                                                         October 12, 2015     
Christmas Break                                                           December 21, 2015–January 1, 2016     
Start of 2nd semester for secondary schools       February 1, 2016     
Family Day                                                                   February 15, 2016     
Mid-Winter Break                                                         March 14–18, 2016     
Good Friday                                                                 March 25, 2016     
Easter Monday                                                              March 28, 2016     
Victoria Day                                                                 May 23, 2016     
Last day of classes for elementary students        June 29, 2016  
St. Maria Goretti Catholic School          21 Kenmark Blvd.
Toronto, Ontario
M1K 3N8
D. Canning
A. DeAcetis
G. Ross
A. DiCiaula,
P. Plishka, P. King
N. Crawford
Father Edwin Galea
Father Elias Chachati
St. Maria Goretti
717 Kennedy Rd.
Enrollment: 1,050

Hours of Operation:

8:30 – 3:00 p.m.
Lunch Hour:
11:15 – 12:15 p.m.

Supervision of students
Supervision is provided during the recreation periods of a regular school day.  PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF YOUR CHILD(REN) BEFORE 8:10 a.m. in the morning.
·    The playground is for staff and students only
·    Please do not approach any of our students in the playground
Come to the office and we will help you with any concern/question you might have.
Sickness in School
A child who is sick should recover at home.  We sometimes receive requests to have children stay in for recess because they are sick. We expect that students  who are too ill to go outdoors for regular play periods will stay at home. If sickness or an injury occurs at school, you will be notified immediately. 
Parish Information
In an effort to encourage all students and parents to attend Mass at St. Maria Goretti Catholic Church, I am including the times of weekend mass for your convenience.
Sunday Masses:  Saturday Evening – 5:00 p.m.
Sunday – 9:00, 10:30, 12 Noon & 7:00 p.m.
Weekday Masses:  Monday to Saturday 8:00 a.m.
Rectory:  717 Kennedy Road, Scar.  416-261-0076
The School Bus
Students are required to use the bus assigned to them both to and from school.  Please be aware that both the teachers and the bus drivers have been apprised of this requirement and will strictly enforce it. We trust that everybody will cooperate to ensure the safety of our students.  Please call the school office if you have any concerns regarding bus transportation.
No Parking on Kenmark
Parents are reminded that the circular driveway is not be used for drop off or pick up of students.  This is a designated bus loading zone and fire route.  Please note also that the signage on Kenmark prohibits parking.  Parking enforcement officers have been monitoring this area.  In addition, the number of cars parking illegally is becoming a safety issue because of the congestion it creates.  Alternative legal parking is available on Chevron Crescent just around the corner.  Parents can drop off and escort students to class.  It is preferable to park in the Church parking lot whenever possible.  Thank you for your cooperation.
 We would like to remind you that there are children in our school, with severe, life threatening food allergies to peanuts/nuts.  Anaphylaxis is a medical condition that causes a severe reaction to specific foods and can result in death within minutes.  As this affects the entire school community, we are requesting that you not send food to school that contain the allergen.    
peanuts/nuts, nutella, mild and egg.
(e.g. peanuts/nuts, nutella, milk and egg)
If your child has been diagnosed with such a medical condition, please let the school know immediately so that we can plan for their safe integration at school.  Children are asked not to share food with other children.  Also, please do not send food to school for birthday celebrations. Teachers do recognize special occasions such as birthdays in a variety of different ways, which does not include food.  If you have any questions, please contact the school staff.  Thank you for understanding and cooperating.
Safe Schools and School Security
All schools have procedures in place to ensure the safety of their students that comply with Board policy.
Our goal is to promote a warm and welcoming atmosphere while at the same time providing the safest school environment possible. 
·    All visitors to the school must report directly to the office and sign-in (even persons who are permitted access to school premises, must first report to the office, and are not automatically entitled to have access to all areas of the school)
·    Once school begins, ALL doors are locked
·    Please adhere to dismissal times (bus students at 3:00 p.m. all others at 3:05 p.m.). Unless it is an emergency situation, we ask that you write a note to the teacher to inform us of any changes in the end–of-day procedures
·    Please do not approach any of our students in the school yard.  The office staff is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have
·    Without exception, students are required to go home on the school bus assigned to them. Please be aware that teachers and the bus drivers will strictly enforce this.  Also, please do not pick up your child from the bus loading area.
Inclement Weather Entry Procedures
In the morning:
·      All students go directly to the Ark until 8:10 a.m. At 8:10 a.m. they will go to their classrooms or, in the case of portable students to their assigned lunchroom until 8:30 a.m. when they will go to their portables.
·      All students who walk to school are reminded to enter through either of the student entrances facing the east school yard.  Both doors will be open at 8:10 a.m.  Please do not ring the Main Office.

Parental Involvement is Always Welcome
Studies show that children perform better in school when their parents are involved in their education.  Once your child has started school, there are many ways to continue supporting his/her education by being a partner with the school.
·       Attend Catholic School Advisory Council (CSAC) meetings. Every school has a CSAC that meets to discuss issues and activities which benefit its students.
·       Stay informed.  Schools send home newsletters that summarize important school issues and outline upcoming activities.  Watch for their arrival.
·       Attend school special events. Open Houses, Curriculum Nights and other school events are informative, celebrate success, and establish a sense of community.   They provide wonderful opportunities to celebrate learning with your child.
·       Attend Parent Teacher Interviews. These give you an opportunity to discuss successes and concerns and to share ideas regarding your child’s education.  If you feel more comfortable discussing your ideas in a language other than English, we can provide an interpreter.
·       When in doubt-Ask! If you have any concerns or questions about class routines, programs or other specific matters, please contact the school.  We share your concern for your child’s safety, self-esteem and education.
Parent Corner
·   Please read, read, and read some more to your children. Reading aloud to them builds so many language skills.
·   Visit the library often to read, hear a storyteller, or watch a puppeteer!
·   Don't neglect the power of childrens' own names! Have children start with the letters in their own name when attempting to recognize and name letters.
·   Also, use the beginning sound in their name as a foundation for building sound knowledge!  For example, if your child's name starts with P, find other items that start with /p/ like popcorn, puzzle, pillow, etc.
·   For writing their names, let children practice (first letter uppercase and all the others lowercase) in sand, a small tray of rice, shaving cream, pudding (Yum!), finger paint, glitter crayons, write it big with sidewalk chalk, shape playdough into the letters, etc. Have fun!
·    Print is all around young children for them to notice and make literacy connections!   Some print is already meaningful to your children such as names of favorite cereals, restaurants, toys, stores, and more! Letters and words are everywhere in your home, on the street, in the store, etc. - Make it a fun learning game in which you play "I spy" - I spy something with my little eye something that starts with the letter M or /m/ (say the sound the m makes) depending on the developmental level of your child.
·    Place magnetic letters on the refrigerator at the childrens' eye level so they can manipulate the letters to form their name, group like letters together, etc.
·    Create a letter scrapbook with your child. For each page, write the upper and lowercase letter.  Have children hunt for small objects, environmental print, etc. that begin with a certain letter.  Make sure to include photos of their friends, too!
·    Let your children see you writing letters, checques to pay the bills, the grocery list, anything! Give them their own piece of paper, letting them write out their own list using kid writing (It's all right if you can't read it at this point - You are modeling for them uses/reasons for writing and reading which is much more important at this stage.) Read, recite, sing, and act out nursery rhymes!
·    Create a writing toolbox to store fun writing utensils, different types of paper, envelopes, stickers, etc. for your child to have their own writing materials to encourage writing.
·    Read, recite, sing, and act out nursery rhymes!
·    Do a lot of language play – jump rope rhymes, silly songs and finger plays, and riddles
·    Create new, silly names – for example, if your child’s name is Sam, his name could tun into Bam, Ham, Jam, Kam, Lam, Mam, etc.
Social and Character Building Skills
·          Provide opportunities for your child to spend time with other children playing and talking.
·          Encourage your child to share and to take turns.
·          Give small chores or jobs to your child so that they may experience responsibility and a sense of accomplishment.
·          Get into a daily routine now so that the transition to those early school days will go more smoothly!
·          Talk and model how to express feelings appropriately and with self control
·          Remind children to listen when others talk (looking into the speaker's eyes, waiting their turn to speak).

Focus your child's attention on the colors, shapes, and numbers seen all around them! Ask them to help you read the numerals on signs, to point out the shapes of items in the grocery store, to find colors inside and out!
·      Let them help pour, mix, measure, roll, etc.!  (Simple Recipes)
·      Encourage the practice of sorting skills while folding laundry, putting toys away, playing with colored blocks, eating their favorite candies.
·      For  numeral practice, make two flash cards of each numeral (0-5 to start and then adding higher numerals as skill increases). Play go fish, sort and match the numerals, go around the house and place the numeral card next to sets of that many objects, play memory, bingo, etc. You can create similar simple games for the shapes and colors!
·      Refer to the calendar frequently.  Talk about the days of the week, the date, count the number of days left until an upcoming event.
·      There are objects all around your home to practise counting (books, shoes, shirts, toys, pens, etc.)! Have your child touch and move each item forward as he/she is counting.
·      Play dominoes and board games in which children have to roll a die and count how many spaces they get to move!

Fine Motor Skills
·       [VC1] Provide crayons, markers, pencils, scissors, glue, paints, etc. for your child to use and to express their creativity!
·       String beads, Fruit Loops, etc.  to make necklaces.
·       Roll and shape playdough into snakes and other interesting creatures! 
·       Pick up small objects with tweezers and tongs.
·       Put together puzzles.
·       Play with Legos, Tinker Toys, Bristle Blocks, and other small building toys.
·       Use a Lite-Brite to form pictures and designs.
·       Tear various colors of paper and glue together to make a picture.
·       Use scissors to cut straight lines, wavy lines, zig zags, and to make fringe along the edge of paper to create grass!
Safety and Self Help Competence
·          Have your child practice orally stating their home information in case of emergencies  (full name, parents' names, address, telephone number).
·          When going for walks, practise looking both ways before crossing the street and walking on the sidewalk.
·          Let children tie, snap, button, and zip their own clothing.  This is a great fine motor skill accomplishment, too!
·          Model and encourage the practice of good hygiene - washing hands, covering mouth when coughing, covering nose when sneezing, brushing teeth, combing hair, etc.
·          Have children get into the habit of always putting their toys away after playing and cleaning up after themselves.

TRUSTEES 2014-2015
1. Peter Jakovcic 416-512-3401
2. Ann Andrachuk 416-512-3402
3. Sal Piccininni 416-512-3403
4. Patrizia Bottoni 416-512-3404
5. Maria Rizzo 416-512-3405
6. Frank D’Amico 416-512-3406
7. John Del Grande 416-512-3407
8. Garry Tanuan 416-512-3408
9. Jo-Ann Davis, Chair 416-512-3409
10. Barbara Poplawski 416-512-3410
11. Angela Kennedy 416-512-3411
12. Nancy Crawford,
Vice-Chair 416-512-3412
Chris MacDonald,
Student Trustee 416-512-3413
Hannah McGroarty,
Student Trustee 416-512-3417

Bruce Rodrigues  Director of Education        80 Sheppard Ave. E., Toronto, ON ∙  Website:           Ann Andrachuk, Chair of the Board