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School History And Tradition
Maria Goretti was born in 1890 in Italy and was murdered in 1902 at the age of 12. She was canonized in 1950 with her mother and attacker attending the ceremony. The church honours St. Maria Goretti on July 6. She is the patron saint of children.
St. Maria Goretti Catholic School was opened in 1955. Because of the increase in population to 550, an addition was built in 1960. Finally in 1964, the original building was completed. Our population continued to increase (we presently have about 940 students) and we finally received an allocation of money from the M.S.S.B. in 1993 for an addition to the school. A committee, consisting of staff and parents, was created to determine the needs of the St. Maria Goretti school community. It was concluded that we required a new school building as renovations to the existing facility would cost more than what had been allocated and this still wouldn't address our over-crowding situation.
In 1995 the Board approved the additional funds required. The architects were chosen by the 'Building Committee', which also approved the subsequent design and worked with the architects through the entire process right down to choosing the interior colours of the school. Our students were also involved in the design process with their opinion being asked as to what features they would like to see in their new school. Sorry - no swimming pool!
St. Maria Goretti School boasts a double gymnasium with a stage, closed circuit television in every classroom, an elevator and an assembly area named the "Ark'" which can be used for gatherings of up to 300 people. The "Ark" will be used for small productions/concerts which will mean less disruption of physical education classes. Floor tiles were used to create geometric shaped animals which 'march in twos' along the corridors, all heading for the "Ark". We are very proud of our new school which meets the spiritual, physical and educational needs of our parish and neighbouring community.