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Invention Convention

On the first week of March, the Grade 7 teachers had assigned the Grade 7 students to create an invention for a contest so called “Invention Convention”. Each student was put into a group, most consisting of 4. The students were given about a month to prepare for the contest. Each group successfully finished their inventions within the time given. On Friday, April the 8th, the Grade 7 students presented their inventions. The top ten groups were to advance and go to the MaRS Research Center.

On friday, April 8th ,2016 all the Grade 7 students in St.Maria Goretti Catholic School Received a stupendous opportunity  to participate in Invention Convention!. 10 groups out of 44 were to be chosen to display all their wondrous  projects at the MaRS Building,in Downtown. All the teachers who attended this program were judges..After a tough and dreaded competition 4 groups were chosen as top 3 (A tie for 3rd.)

All 10 Groups were thrilled to attend this program!

On Wednesday April 13th, the chosen Grade 7 groups went to the MaRS Research Center in Downtown to present their well thought inventions to the judges, along with a few other schools. The building was a giant, amazing place with offices surrounding the main quarter, and in the quarter where the desks were placed out in a row, there was one set on the left, and one set on the right. We arrived at our stations, set up the Bristol boards, received the ribbons to put on our shirts, and decided to walk around to see what other students have created. There was a vast array of students, ranging from what we believe is Grade 7 to 10 and they all had great creations, some of which may find themselves being used in the future. The judges and interested people came and scanned the presentations, and the lucky ones were able to present! The Presentations went on from 10:30am to 1:00pm, and after, the trip was finished! In the end it was just for fun, although we all enjoyed the experience of going on this trip.