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School Professional Learning Plan

 Toronto Catholic has a fine tradition of student achievement and Christian formation that is rooted in our Faith and that has been supported from generation to generation by families, parishes and school communities. We are grateful for the confidence and trust that families have had in our system and recognize that families are integral to a student's formation. We also acknowledge those educators who have come before us, including the many religious orders, which in concert with the archdiocese of Toronto laboured and sacrificed to create a transformative educational system based upon our Catholic Christian tradition. That tradition is our inheritance and serves today as our foundation. As we look to the future we acknowledge our past and the debt we owe those who came before us.

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School Professional Learning Plan


 St. Maria Goretti Professional Learning Form 20182019

School Learning Improvement Plan 2016-2017

St. Maria Goretti Catholic School takes pride in being the largest elementary school in our board, with over 1000 students! Our success stems from the commitment and positive relationships between all our stakeholders:  staff, students, parents, church, school board, and school board trustees.
The on-going support and focus on learning through enriching experiences, high academic expectations, and special needs support, have allowed us to nurture and develop students who embrace and epitomize the Catholic Graduate Expectations.
Christian values are key in developing and sustaining a safe, caring and supportive learning environment. At St. Maria Goretti Catholic School, there is a strong sense of social justice and global responsibility and citizenship, which are student driven and staff supported. This has translated in service, through both local and global initiatives, including our St. Vincent De Paul food drive, our St. Maria Goretti Christmas Family Baskets, financial donations towards the establishment of a water well in Africa, outreach community caring days – such as visiting our elderly, and so much more.
Nurturing the whole person, we strive to support academic achievement in all our students. We are proud of our EQAO scores and the gains we have made over the years. Through our Extended French program we have fostered the love and fluency of second languages. We place a strong value on professional learning and have received support in both numeracy and literacy. We also provide numerous support programs including Fifth Block, Junior Literacy Intervention, English as a Second Language, and Special Education, all of which have been integral in developing our struggling students.
The physical well-being and healthy development of our students are also a prime focus.  Through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, the students are able to participate in various sports teams, school academic teams and clubs, student leadership groups, and Safe Schools awareness and intervention presentations.
Through the excellent work of our CSAC, we have been provided with resources and support in the acquisition of SMART boards, computers for our computer lab, Scientist in the Schools programs, instruments for our Instrumental Music program, physical education equipment, the beautification of our school yard, classroom excursions, school performances, and classroom needs – just to name a few.
At St. Maria Goretti Catholic School, we nurture the whole student and provide each one of our charges with the life skills and academic development necessary in leading a responsible and productive Christian life. We are proud of all who have walked our halls and graduated from our classrooms. We are committed to continuing our excellent work.