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Principal's Message
Welcome to St. Mark Catholic Elementary School! We take pride in providing every student with a strong academic experience within a safe, supportive and nurturing Catholic faith-based learning environment. We are committed to ensuring success for each student and fostering a culture of inclusion, while responding to the diverse needs of each student.
Our Catholic identity is very important to us. We aim to develop the Catholic values, virtues and attitudes in all our students which is founded on Catholic social teaching and Catholic School Graduate Expectations. Our Catholic social teaching promotes social responsibility, human solidarity and the common good. Religion is not just a subject area – it is a way of life. Our Catholic virtues are instilled in all that we do – in the daily announcements, daily prayer, daily religion lessons, liturgies, school masses and monthly assemblies.
Our school’s routines and procedures promote a safe and welcoming learning environment for all students.  Our Code of Conduct emphasizes mutual respect, conflict resolution and self-discipline, in light of our virtues and Gospel values.
We are dedicated to providing a rich learning environment that strives to nurture the whole child – academically, physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially. While we offer a strong academic program, we also have a range of extra-curricular activities including volleyball, Track and Field and Cross-Country, to name a few. In addition to sports clubs, we offer choir, an Eco club and a ME to We Leadership team. We also have monthly spirit days (the last Friday of each month) as well as a yearly Christmas fun fair, a yearly spring fun fair, pancake day, pasta days, hot dog days, a school concert and much more!
The home-school-parish partnership is very important at St. Mark. St. Mark is a very welcoming, caring, nurturing faith-based learning community, where decisions always put students first. We work closely with our parent community to provide a high quality Catholic education for all. There are many opportunities for parent and community involvement. We hope that through your participation in our school activities/events, that you will feel a part of our vibrant St. Mark community!
Katherine Van Dinter