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School History And Tradition

Our school is named after St. Mark, one of the four evangelists, who was a contemporary of St. Peter and St. Paul. Mark and Barnabas preached the good news in Cyprus. The school and community celebrate his feast day on April 25th, our special day.
St. Mark Catholic School is currently more than 40 years old, having been built in 1957. It was part of the old Mimico Separate School Board until amalgamation in 1969. In 1991, St. Mark School was part of a renovation process instituted by an agreement with the French Board, the Metropolitan Separate School Board (now the TCDSB) and the Ministry of Education. As a result, St. Mark School received a beautiful brand new building on the same site as the original. The entire school spent two years on the buses to St. Justin Catholic School.
There has always been a close association between St. Mark School and St. Mark Church as the pastors have all been eager to work with the school. The close proximity of both buildings helps in this regard.
The current population is predominantly of Polish extraction, but many other nationalities are currently represented. Initially the area projected a distinctly Maritime flavour which gave way to a South American influence, which in turn gave way to a Polish community. Throughout the various waves of immigration, an Anglo-Saxon presence has maintained itself. In short, St. Mark's population reflects a normal urban mix for the Toronto area.