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General Information:

  • Ministry of Education: great information for students regarding high-school and entering the workforce after finishing school.
  • Your Dictionary: use this Web site to look-up words and their meanings. You can also listen to the proper pronunciation of the word.
  • How Stuff Works: explains 'how' things work using very simple language and diagrams.
  • Canadian Museum of Nature: learn about Canadian wildlife and vegetation.
  • Virtual Museum of New France: this virtual museum highlights the first two centuries of the history of Canada.

Research & Homework Help

  • World Fact Book: find out cool facts and information about many different countries.
  • Encyclopedia: use this Web site to begin research on any topic.
  • World History: learn about the last 3,000 years of world history.
  • Dr. Math: stuck on a math problem? Ask Dr. Math.
  • About Homework: great tips and suggestions on doing well in school.
  • Toronto Public Library: find materials/books available at the many library locations available in the city of Toronto.


  • Fun Brain: fun educational games for students of all ages.
  • CBC for Kids:great online activities and games for children to play.