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Library At ​Home with Ms. Ryan 

(and Whisper!)


 Stuffed animal



Week 5: May 4th 2020 - May 8th, 2020


Grade K-Grade 2


Hello everyone,

Here is a link to a story that I'm sure you will enjoy.  It is a story that can be read or followed just before bedtime!

The Kiss That Missed    by David Melling

Read by Karan Brar

(Ctrl and click)


 Questions: Do you think The Kiss That Missed is a good title for this story? 

Can you think of another title? 

What has happened to you when you were in a hurry?

You can post a comment on you Google Classroom to answer any of the questions.


 Ms Ryan



Grade 3 & 4


Hello everyone!

  Library at Home this week includes interesting articles from National Geographic for Kids.

Some of you last week expressed your interest in specific animals.  The first site below will take you to an alphabetical list of animals around the world.  Have fun searching and reading about...cats, flamingos, koalas, pandas...


(CTRL and click)


Once you are in the site, click on animals and select what you are looking for ...


And...for Samuel, who is interested in Greek Mythology, a link for you and any of your classmates who find this fascinating too!


(CTRL /Click)


Have fun!!​


I would like to read your comments on your Google Classroom if you wish to post something!


 Ms Ryan



Grades 6/7/8


Hello everybody,

Have you ever been to a really different store or coffee shop (ok with your parents)?

The link below takes you to an interesting cafe that offers more that, tea, latte ...


(CTRL and click)



In the years ahead, as an entrepreneur, what would you offer customers in your shop?


You can reply on Google Classroom and I'm sure your teachers (and I) will be interested in reading your response!


 Ms Ryan 


Week 4: April 27th 2020 - May 1st, 2020




W​eek 3: April 20th, 2020 - April 24th, 2020


JK/SK: Library at Home with Ms Ryan (and Whisper!) ​

Hello everyone, 


 I hope you enjoy the story for this week.

Please click on the link below and answer if you wish in a sentence.

I look forward to reading your answers with Whisper!


~Ms Ryan


Login    toroncdsb

Password  toro5988


*Select: Animals and Nature 


*Select:  and then it is spring  You can watch the story being read or Read Along


(Question:  Why was the little boy in the story worried about the seeds he planted?

Whisper gives a is because of 2 animals!)


Your answer? ____________________________________

You can post this so we can see what you think!


 Ms Ryan and Whisper ;}



SK/Grade 1


Hello everyone,

 Around the world, people will be thinking about and trying this year on Earth Day (Wednesday) to do something good at home to care for our Earth. 

It could be recycling carefully, using less water or maybe cleaning up your backyard, or feeding birds...


Here is a link to The Berenstain Bears,  It's Earth Day!  Written by Mercer Meyer.

After following along in the story,

What do you think was a good idea for the family to do?  Could you do this at home?

You can post a reply on your Google Classroom if you wish, for all to read.


Grade 2


Hello everyone!


Here is a link to a fun story and true to my heart because it takes place in a ....library.

I know I have rules in the library, especially no running :)


Once you have clicked on the link, look for The Library Lion under April featured Videos.

Written by: Michelle Knudsen

read by: Mindy Sterling


I heard a word in the story  that I used in the library each week that you visited...let's see if you can get the correct answer.


Question:  Where do you check books in and out in the library?


Answer:  At the -----------  desk!​  (hint: 11 letters)

You can post your answers on the Google peeking at each others answers.


Keep reading at home! 


 Ms Ryan



Grade 3/4


Hello everyone,

 In library time during the school year we sometimes made reference to pets at home.

Many of you have dogs, or at least would like to have a dog as a family pet, and many students asked me if there were any books about dogs in our library!  


Here is a link to the history of dogs, and a video if you care to watch about how they are of great service.


There is no assigned work to this reading,  it is for your interest and growing knowledge.

You might want to comment on your Google Classroom what you enjoyed about doggies!


Ms Ryan



 Grade 4/5/6


Hello everyone,​



 Tomorrow marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day   that we have recognized both at home and at school.


Please find a link to a video of The Lorax written by Dr. Seuss, and think about the issues regarding taking care of our Earth throughout the story.

It is a rather long video so make sure you watch it when you have some time (30 Min)


There is also a link for all of you who like to bake!  This takes time as well, but I thought I would include it for all you home bakers!

It is a recipe for making a Truffula tree cake.  Looks like fun to decorate!




Recipe for a Truffula-tree cake...just in case you have the time and ingredients.

I might try myself.


If you would like to post a comment or pic please do so on you Google classroom.




Ms Ryan



Grades 4-8


 Hi Everyone!

 The following link from Scholastic looks amazing and I think will be helpful as you navigate sites for your classes.


Ms. Ryan



W​eek 2: April 14th, 2020 - April 17th, 2020




Hello Everyone,

Here is a story that I think you will enjoy. Click on the link below to follow the online story.


Search under All Books for the story Guji Guji writen by :  Chih Yuan Chen

Guest Reader is :  Robert Guillamme


Questions:  Why were the ducklings given different names?

*How did Guji Guji get his name?   (Whisper thinks this is funny!)

 *Why did the Big Cocodiles laugh at Guji??


*You can post your replies on Google Classroom.

Keep up with your fun reading!


 Ms Ryan (and Whisper)         


Grade 1

Hello Everyone!


The link below will take you to a story that can be read and listened to online.

*Click on the link

*Under the heading All Books, select Chester's Way by Kevin Henkes.

Select at the right hand corner from the very small orange circle...Schooltube or Youtube

Enjoy the story!


Questions:  At the beginning of the story, Dhester's mother says he has a 'Mind of your own"

What does this mean?   

How did Chester and his friend Wilson like to cut their sandwiches?

How did Chester and Wilson know it was Lily who was disguised as a cat?

(What gave her identity away?)

You can answer one question in a short sentence if you  wish and post it on Google Classroom.

Or, tell someone at home your answer.


Keep reading for fun everyone!


Ms Ryan



Grade 2 & Grade 3


Hello everyone,

 I hope you enjoy the story Carla's Sandwich written by Debbie Herman.

The story is read by Allison Janney. *Click on the link below


*Search for Carla's Sandwich under All Books

*Make sure you select Youtube or Schooltube at the top right hand corner(look for a small orange circle) *Enjoy the story...It made me a little hungry!


Activity;  What ingredients would you put into a Combo deluxe sandwich?

Be creative!  You can post your reply on your Google Class, and we will all have fun reading your ideas ;}


Keep reading for fun!

 Ms Ryan



Grade 4


Hello everyone learning at home!

 Many of you enjoy reading,  learning and talking about your experiences with Dolphins. Well, here is a link that will take you to some amazing facts and a fun video to watch.

Once you are in the Scholastic site,  select grades 3-5, Select week 2...Day 8   Dolphins on Duty!


The video can be found at the bottom left side of the page if you scroll down.

​Did you lean something new about dophins? Post a reply on your Google Classroom if you wish!


Ms Ryan 



Grade 5


Hello Readers!

The link below will give you access to sign up for a virtual library card that can be used for online ebooks and other sites at the Toronto Public Library!

Please ask your parent to sign you up if this is something you would like to have.  The expiry date is August 2020.



 Ms Ryan


This next link will take you into the TPL  (Toronto Public Library) site to select books.


I hope you make use of this opportunity.

Keep up with your fun reading.


Ms Ryan​



Grade 6 - Grade 8


 Hello Readers!

 The link below will give you access to sign up for a virtual library card that can be used for online ebooks and other sites at the Toronto Public Library!


Please ask your parent to sign you up if this is something you would like to have.  The expiry date is August 2020.


This next link will take you into the TPL  (Toronto Public Library) site to select books.


I hope you make use of this opportunity.

 Keep up with your fun reading.


Ms Ryan



Week 1: April 6th 2020 - April 10th, 2020



 Click the link below and select Storybooks/Newbooks

Suggested Reading:  Bunny Days Written by Tao Nyeu: 


TumbleBookLibrary - K-6 children's ebook database Direct Link:

  • Username: tumble735

    Password: book

I hope you enjoyed the story Bunny Days!


In the story there were pictures of some items that you have in your home.  Can you name some of them?


Whisper says:  Vacuum Cleaner

Wha​t did you see?


Ms. Ryan :)



Grade 1 & Grade 2


I hope you are continuing to read at home!

Please click on the direct link below and enjoy the story.

Select : Story books/Imagination!​


You think it is easy being the Tooth Fairy?    written by Sheri Bell- Rehvoldt


After reading the story, What other problems do you think the Tooth Fairy has while visiting children ?

Ms Ryan


TumbleBookLibrary - K-6 children's ebook database
Direct Link:
Username: tumble735
Password: books



Grade 3 - Grade 5


Here is an activity ( Toronto Public Library site ) for you to get started in writing creatively.

It's fun spinning the wheel until a story idea feels right.


Also, for the many students who enjoy DOGMAN graphic novels, here is a link showing the Author/Illustrator Dav Pilkey creating at home!


Click on the Scholastic at lick on the Scholastic at

grades 3-5

Happy reading!

Ms. Ryan :)



Grade 6 - Grade 8


Here are a few links that maybe you don't have and can be useful for you! There are many avid readers who might like the online books, including the ever popular Graphic Novels.


For general research:​   

password is:   library


Online books:

(must have a library card)


Free online reading ​including Graphic Novels


I hope you find these link resources helpful and fun!


Happy reading!

Ms. Ryan :)