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The staff of St. Martha Catholic School are aware of the different skills, abilities and learning styles of the students in our classrooms. The teachers meet these diversified needs by providing:
  • an integrated curriculum
  • a curriculum enriched through class excursions
  • teaching/ learning activities adjusted to student needs
  • a common focus of subject matter in the classroom
  • challenging learning activities
  • group activities where the activity and the group composition are modified to reflect different needs
  • peer tutoring
Many classes centre around an inclusive approach to the literacy programmes which include:
  • oral reading of materials by the teacher
  • literature circles
  • integrating good literature into many subject areas
  • using computer programmes and the library for individual extra research
  • encouraging chapter book/ novel reading instead of short picture books
  • detailed story planning/ writing
  • TLCP planning cycles
Our classes include students with a wide variety of abilities, experiences and needs. We make every effort to address the special learning needs of individual students. We collaborate with other professionals in order to obtain the most effective assistance for any students requiring modification or accommodations of their academic programmes. There is ongoing consultation and collaboration between the classroom teacher(s) and special education teacher(s). The special education teachers adopt a program model which reflects a modified supportive version of the curriculum followed in the regular classes. All students who are working in their regular classes or in the special education classes who receive an accommodated or modified curriculum have an Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.). This plan has been developed using the Ministry of Education’s curriculum documents, a review of the student’s Ontario School Record (OSR) to review for assessments, reports and other relevant documents. The teacher(s) discuss the IEP with the parent(s) and this document is reviewed and updated throughout the school year. Students who experience academic, social and behavioural difficulties are closely monitored and appropriate modifications and/or accommodations are made to their programme of studies. 
St. Martha Catholic School has three types of special education programmes. Our students who require support in Literacy and Numeracy attend our special education class for varying amounts of time throughout the school day.
Our Multiple Exceptionalities class is a regionally placed class where students enrolled in this programme have many learning needs and require a specialized curriculum. Educational Assistants are assigned to the Multiple Exceptionalities class to support the educational needs of the students. Our P.A S.T Programme is also a regionally based class where the students are bussed from various schools in the North York area to our school. A Child and Youth Worker has been assigned to work with the special education teacher in the P.A.S.T Programme.
This year St. Martha is very proud to offer the Full-Day Kindergarten Programme. This allows opportunity for full day instruction in the new play-based learning. The classes contain a team made of a teacher and an E.C.E   to provide support for academic and socials development. 
Our belief in the importance of educating the “whole” child underlies many of the varied programmes provided. Every child in grades one to eight participates in some aspect of the Spoken Arts. A junior-intermediate level in-school competition (for students in grades four to eight) is traditionally held in November of each school year. A Spoken Arts Festival for our primary level students (in grades one to three) is held in April of each school year. Students are encouraged to write a speech and recite this in their class. Those students who have excelled in the recitation of their speech in their class are chosen by their teacher to participate in the festivals.
Students may choose from an ample and wide selection of extracurricular school clubs and sports teams. These include: chess club, junior and intermediate level W5H, junior and intermediate level volleyball, intermediate level softball, intermediate level basketball, junior (indoor) and intermediate level (outdoor) soccer, and cross country running. 
Our students will have the opportunity to exercise their vocal, dramatic and rhythmic talents in theatrical and musical productions held throughout the school year. We also celebrate with our school community in our: student of the month assemblies, and various community events. The vocal music programme is offered to students from Junior Kindergarten to grade 6 while students in grades 7 and 8 receive instruction in instrumental music. Students in grades 3 to 6 may also join our school’s choir. An International Language Programme where the Italian language is taught on a daily basis is offered to all of our students.