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About Us
To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good - 1 Corinthians 12:7
St. Martin de Porres School LogoSt. Martin de Porres school is located on the west side of Morningside Avenue at Lawrence Avenue in Scarborough, Ontario. The school offers an extended French program that begins in Grade 5. More information on the French Immersion progarm will be available on this website soon.
Among his several patronages, St. Martin de Porres is, first and foremost in our eyes, the patron saint of social justice. His life exemplifies for the school community our collective responsibilities for each other.
This website is primarily a resource for our parent community. It contains current and past newsletters, our Code of Behaviour (Progressive Discipline Policy), and many other important pieces of information for students and parents. As a new method of communication, the website is organic and will develop over the next few years with input from all our community members.
 St. Martin
In his first letter to the Corinthians, Saint Paul writes about the many varying contributions that can made be to a community. At St. Martin de Porres our staff strives to support students to be their very best, striving to improve their skills - academically, socially, physically, and spiritually - to contribute to the common good of all in our community.
How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students
What does our school offer students?
Catholic foundation
St. Martin de Porres Catholic School provides a learning environment where models of Gospel values and Christian doctrines, teachings and beliefs are an integral part of the daily life of the school. Religious instruction provided by teachers and clergy, family life programs and values in education provide students with a firm foundation in their faith development. The following are living the faith activities planned throughout the year: organizing liturgical celebrations, participating in food drives, ShareLife campaigns.
St. Martin de Porres School is developing programs from junior kindergarten to grade 8 which are consistent with Ministry of Education documents. This is an ongoing objective for all staff over the next two years.
Special education services
St. Martin de Porres school-based support team meets each month to discuss the program needs of our students. The regular classroom teachers and the special education teachers work together to develop individualized programs to meet the needs of students. Instruction can take place in the regular class or in both regular and special education classes.
Computer literacy
Using the computer mini-lab and the computers in individual classrooms, students are provided with the opportunity to become computer literate and to integrate the computer with their daily work. A computer club is open to all students in grade 7 and 8 once a week. Through step by step instructions, students learn numerous software programs including Word Perfect 5.1, Word Perfect 6.0, Microsoft Publisher and Corel Draw.
A significant portion of our program is offered outside the school. Day excursions within the immediate and extended community support, reinforce and complement the classroom learning experience. Overnight trips to Quebec and to various outdoor facilities have been part of our transitional program for grades 7 and 8.
St. Martin de Porres School endeavours to showcase and promote the arts through concerts offered at Christmas or in the spring, and liturgical or drama presentations.
St. Martin de Porres School is very proud and fortunate to have a dedicated and committed staff who offer numerous individual and team activities outside of the regular school day. These include entry into athletic tournaments such as softball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, cross-country and track and field.
Students also have the opportunity to participate in academic tournaments of festivals such as W5H and chess. The Earth Angels Club meets regularly to promote environmental awareness within our school community.
Safe arrival
Our safe arrival program assists us in making sure all our students are accounted for. Please call the school in advance to inform us of your child's absence. Students must have a signed note by a parent or guardian to leave the school during the school hours.
A code of conduct and behaviour for our school has been developed by a committee of staff, students and parents.
Resource centre for parents
Parents and caregivers are invited to the Resource Centre for Parents at St. Martin de Porres, on Wednesday mornings between 9:15 and 11:15 a.m. The centre is a safe and informal environment where parents and caregivers can meet, relax and discuss issues around parenting, hear guest speakers on a wide range of topics, and view helpful videos. Pre-schoolers are welcome to accompany their parents/caregivers to the centre for these sessions.