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Dress Code
Dress Code in TCDSB Elementary Schools  
 Children modelling the different styles of the uniform
The Toronto Catholic District School Board implemented an Appropriate Dress Code in all of its elementary schools in September 2011.
The Appropriate Dress Code consists of any combination of white and navy blue garments (e.g. plain white top, navy blue bottom or, navy blue top and bottom, no denim). The many advantages for parents, students and schools are outlined in a question and answer pamphlet for parents.
children working on the computerIn keeping with our commitment to reflect Christian values in our day-to-day lives and to abide by the social teaching of the Church and our own Mission and Vision Statement, the Toronto Catholic District School Board has implemented a Sweatshop-Free Purchasing Policy. This requires that all vendors provide assurances that the manufacturing of apparel is in keeping with the provisions and procurement requirements of the Suppliers Fair Labour Practices Agreement.

We would request that all of our school communities consider safe, just and healthy employment standards whenever and wherever they are shopping. For more information on this policy, please click on Sweatshop Free Purchasing Policy F.P.04. A list of school apparel suppliers who have declared compliance with our policy, is available on our website.
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We encourage parents who have any questions about the Dress Code at their local school to speak to their school principal and/or their Chair of the Catholic School Advisory Council.
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The St. Martin De Porres School Uniform Dress Code:
Our school has developed a parent-initiated uniform dress code policy. This policy was developed in consultation with our school community, staff and the Catholic School Advisory Council (CSAC).
This is a mandatory dress code for all students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade Eight. All students are required to dress in white tops and navy blue bottoms on a daily basis and when representing the school. White tops and navy blue sweaters must display the St. Martin de Porres School Crest. When wearing a sweater, students may chose to wear any white top beneath the sweater. The dress code was established to enhance school spirit, student safety, and support a positive learning environment.
Where to Buy Clothes: Parents may purchase their children’s white tops (worn beneath a sweater) and navy bottoms at any department store or clothing store. St. Martin de Porres Crested items (white tops – long and short sleeve golf shirts and girl’s blouses – and navy sweaters (including polo zip, vests, and cardigans) are purchased from our official uniform store, InSchoolwear.
What Clothes to Buy: In a Catholic school where values and respect for self and others are emphasized, parents are asked to be careful when choosing appropriate clothing items. Clothes should be modest, loose fitting and comfortable for students to wear and be active in. For clothing options please refer to the Dress Code Policy Chart.
Special Needs: Parents of special needs students who may have questions/concerns about the suitability of the dress code for their child are encouraged to discuss their concerns with their child’s teacher or the school principal. All efforts will be made to encourage inclusiveness in our dress code and our school community. Special needs students may have dress code needs noted in their Individual Education Plan (IEP).
Financial Assistance: Our school and CSAC are committed to our appropriate dress code policy and will assist parents who have financial difficulties in meeting the policy. Inquiries can be confidentially made through your child’s teacher or directly to the school principal.
Encouraging Compliance: This policy encourages compliance by providing families with choice when purchasing white top for wearing beneath school crested sweaters and navy blue bottoms, including pants, slacks, walking shorts, skorts, and/or tunics. A single supplier is available for purchasing crested white tops and crested navy blue sweaters. The supplier offers online, retail, and school delivery options.
School Dress Code Compliance: Parents have the primary responsibility for meeting the expectations of the school dress code policy. As this dress code is supported by our school community it is unlikely that compliance will be an issue.
However, to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and that the goals of the dress code are adhered to, the following corrective actions are available to the staff and the school principal. Students may be spoken to by their teacher or principal, parents may be contacted, a note may be sent home, or students may be excluded from non-curricular activities, not including recess. Compliance problems will be dealt with in a progressive manner so that parents are only contacted when there are serious or repeated issues that need to be addressed not for minor issues. Occasional accidental/unforeseen circumstances will not be treated the same as repeated, deliberate non-compliance.
Dress Code: What You Can Wear Chart
White Tops Includes:
Outerwear – purchased though Supplier, and
Beneath Sweater – purchased at any retailer (plain white is necessary with no logos, except the school logo)
When worn as the outside or viewable clothing piece, students must have the school crest on the left breast of the shirt. Students may wear any item available from our uniform supplier, InSchoolwear.
When worn beneath a school sweater (polo, vest, or cardigan), students may wear any white top purchased at any retail store. Please note that students wearing sweaters must wear them for classroom and school activities, except PE or other physically intensive activities.
Navy Bottoms Includes:
shorts, skorts, skirts, tunic dress, and cargo pants  
  • Walking shorts are to be mid-thigh or longer Skorts are skirts with shorts sewn inside
  • Cargo pants are ¾ length pants or full length pants that the bottoms can be zipped off to make them into shorts
  • Skirts and tunic dresses need to be modest, knee or slightly above the knee in length
  • Wearing shorts underneath skirts and dresses is recommended
  • Tunic dresses are solid plain navy blue and worn with plain white tops underneath
Other clothing items include:
Tights & socks Shoes Belts
Socks, that can be seen, can be solid white or solid navy blue. Tights must be navy blue No flip-flops, sandals, or open-toe shoes are to be worn. Shoes and sneakers may be any colour. Belts are optional. Belts, when worn, are to be black.
What Not to Wear
  • Denim/jeans, vinyl material like wind pants (outdoor wear)
  • Clothing with visible labels, logos of any size, contrasting colours, coloured buttons or stitching, stripes or detailing
  • Hats and sunglasses (outdoor wear)
  • Flip flops and slip on sandals without straps
  • Mini-skirts, halter-tops, tank tops, muscle shirts, t-shirts with vulgar sayings
  • Clothing with tears/holes
  • Oversized clothing (shirts to the knee, pants hanging low and off the waist)
During the year dress down or non-dress code days will be planned. These days will be noted in the school newsletters throughout the year so parents and students can be prepared. Students have the option of wearing the dress code or regular clothes which may include coloured clothing, denim/jeans, and logos. All other guidelines for what is not included should be followed. Students should be modestly dressed in keeping with our Catholic values.