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Principal's Message
St. Mary’s Catholic Elementary School is a vibrant community dedicated to nurturing the physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth of our students. The students of St. Mary’s have common needs and a variety of differences. They range from three-year-olds in junior kindergarten to fourteen year-olds in grade eight. The children reflect a full range of skills and abilities and all are maturing in their awareness of both their strengths and things that need to be worked on. The mission of St. Mary’s is to educate each student. Every day can bring challenges and opportunities for all and ultimately the goal is to become a better person through these experiences.
Student achievement is the cornerstone of any school. All staff at St. Mary’s are committed to providing children with an education that both tests and inspires the learner to love learning. The staff of St. Mary’s know it is a privilege, honour and great responsibility to be entrusted with the education and care of children. Witnessing development and success, through triumphs and setbacks, is a joy for all educators to behold. Young people today face a myriad of choices and challenges that can leave some overwhelmed. It is the adults in the school community – in the home, school and parish, who are called to be beacons of hope, guidance, encouragement, correction and role-models of what it means to be a Catholic in the secular world. In turn, students are encouraged to strive for excellence in their studies and to be role-models for one another. Working hard in the classroom and exemplifying good citizenship throughout the school day is the expectation for all students of St. Mary’s. Accepting and learning from errors as part of an individual’s journey must also be embraced. A growth mindset supports all students on their individual pathway to growth and success and is the means by which our students will mature and gain confidence and humility to face the challenges of the 21st century and be flourishing witnesses to their Catholicity.
The parish of St. Mary's Catholic School is a valued partner (and neighbour) of our school community. Prayer is an integral part of daily life in the school and under the spiritual leadership of our parish priest and his pastoral team, we celebrate Mass together throughout the school year. Sacramental preparation is fully supported by the school, parents and the pastoral team. Our school community is dedicated to providing witness to Catholic social teaching through awareness campaigns and charitable endeavours. In summary, students that are growing in knowledge, faith and character is at the forefront of all that is St. Mary's Catholic School.
L. Stamcoff