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Numeracy Websites for Kids to Have Fun and Learn
Teachers or parents can visit the sites to introduce, reinforce, or practice particular skills.
Mathville (Grades 1)
What is Mathville?
It is a well-proven online collection of  math activities that is a perfect combination of basic skills practice and discovery learning. Aligned specifically to the Ontario Mathematics CurriculumMathville is an excellent tool to reinforce important math skills learned in class. It's usable from school or home - anywhere with internet. It's completely FREE. No login or registration is required. 
Give the programs a try!
for Grade 1:   Mathville 1 
There are lots more free online resources available to you from the developers of Mathville
Holidays are coming, so why not try these popular activities:
Check out a few other websites for high quality free educational resources:      
A Kid's Guide to Accounting
Managing money involves keeping track of the income you earn to make sure you have enough money to cover your expenses. Businesses have to keep track of their finances with careful (bookkeeping). This type of accounting requires a system of writing down all financial transactions. By recording these transactions, it's then possible to summarize, analyze, and create reports about how well a company is managing its finances and making ends meet. Just like a business, people need to perform personal accounting to make sure they manage their money effectively.
These are some very good sites to get you started on your Math journey.  Enjoy! 
Click the link above or below:
Mr. Nussabaum’s Math Lab [Fantastic]mr r.jpg
Click the website link above or the picture on the right and go to the website for some math Learning + Fun! Or you can pick the grade you want to visit.
Grade 1       Grade 2         Grade 3
Grade 4       Grade 5         Grade 6 
Arcademic Skill Builders

Click the website link above or the picture on the right and visit the website.  You can pick games by grade level or  by math strand/topic.  This is another amazing site Learning + Fun= Success!
Math Playground
Websites for Parents and Children to Explore ... by TOPIC or GRADE
Click a coloured rectangle math topic:
      common core state standards for mathematics      
Click a coloured grade of your choice:
Woodlands Math Resources and Interactive Math Games
Click the website link above and then practice the math skills below … The games are fun and you will learn things very easily!
Number Skills(add, subtract, multiply, divide, place value, decimals, fractions, percentage, mental math, word problems)
Shape & Space(shapes, symmetry, tangrams, angels, tessalations, co-ordinates)
Data & Probability(graphs, venn diagrams, probability, mean, median, mode)
Measurement (area, perimeter, time, money, weight, capacity)
More (worksheets and math investigations)
Woodlands Homework Help
Absolutely incredible how much “stuff” is on this website.  If you need help on something, click the link above to get help – It is fun to check out!  There is stuff about … Castles, Ancient Egypt, Knights, Winnie-the-Pooh, Mountains, Rivers, India, England, the moon phases, the seasons, volcanoes, facts for every day in the year, and more. You’ll find things on HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY, MATH, LITERACY, SCIENCE, ART, and RELIGIONS of the WORLD.
Math is Fun:
Adapted Mind (Math)Image result for math
Select the grade level you want to learn.
Adapted Mind (Reading)
Select the grade level you want to learn.
Helping Your Child Love and Learn Mathematics
It is common knowledge that parent's/guardian's attitudes toward mathematics has an impact on children's attitudes towards mathematics. In fact, students whose parents/guardians show an interest in and enthusiasm for mathematics around the home will be more likely to develop that enthusiasm themselves and persevere to learn and succeed in Mathematics.
Visit our website for resources                                           www.Mathtrain.ctv         
We’re not going to re-invent the wheel; Here are some very useful links from Waterford School (Wisconsin, USA).  These are fantastic websites for use at home and in the classroom. The actual site is organized by grade ... Go to the grade you want and click it or click the link below.

     Grade 2

       Grade 3
      m      s

Grades 7 & 8
 Here are a few more links for you to have fun with:
Utah Education Network 
From our friends down south, come a whole bunch of very good games adn activities to give the brain a workout!  Are you ready for this - pow, look how many wonderfully engaging and fun games!
                  Math Games for Grades 3 to 6
Click on the title links to go to a far away place and enjoy playing math games!  They are educational, but they are tons of fun to play! Games are divided by strand/skill for ease and convenience.  Have fun and remember to finish all your work before coming to play.
+ - x  /
Fruit Splat Multiplication
Learn how to multiply the fun way with Fruit Splat Multiplication.
Who Wants to be a Mathonaire?
Test you math skills and win big.
Math Baseball
Three strikes and you are out.
Combine five number cards using the four arithmetic operations to arrive at a "target" number.
Calculation Nation
Challenge others. Challenge yourself.
Free Rice - Multiplication Tables 
Select the correct answer and earn rice for the United Nations World   
Food Program.
Factor Game 
Exercise your factoring ability.
It's raining numbers. Solve the equations before they fill the lake.
Fruit Splat Compare Equations
Help Compare equations by picking >, <, or =.
Number Balls 
Solve for x, and then click on the balls in order from the smallest value of x to the largest value of x.
Late Delivery 
Help Postmaster Phil by finding the value of the expression written on                  
each door.
Poddle Weigh-in
The Poddles have lost their numbers. Use a scale to help them out!
What's the Point?
Challenge your graph skills.
Operation Order
Help Tortisaurus finish building his stone pyramid.
Guess the Number
Can you solve the FunBrain Magician's problems?
Algebra vs. Cockroaches
It's you against the cockroaches crawling on your graph paper!
Equivalent Fractions
Explore relationships among fractions.
Fraction Man
Launch fabulous fireworks with Fraction Man!
Fresh Baked Fractions
Which one is not equal?
Flag Fractions 
Design a flag using fractions.
Practice Multiplying Mixed Numbers
How many correct answers can you get in 60 seconds?
13 Ways of Looking at a Half
Can you find all 13 ways of representing 1/2 of the square?
Measure It!
Practice measuring in centimeters or inches
Math Matching
Find the matching measurements.
Time Teller 
Learn the hours up to the minute.
The Ruler ​Game 
Learn to read the ruler.
Tick Tock Clock
Select the digital clock that shows the same time as the analog clock.
Flip Time
Match analog times to the corresponding readings on digital clocks.
Time to Move
Measure, compare and sort the fish.
Dr. Gee's 3-D Lab
Join Dr. Gee in the 3-D Lab!
Bathroom Tiles
Rotate and reflect the bathroom tiles.
Puzzle Parlor
Place all the pieces, matching edge colors.
Maze Game 
Move a robot through a mine field to a target location.
Number Cracker
Guess which number comes next.
Pattern Generator
Determine and continue the pattern.
Crack Hacker's Safe
Can you solve the patterns to open Hacker's safe?
Cyber Pattern Player
Make your own cool drum patterns!
Missing Number
Finding the missing number in a sequence.
People Patterns
Who is next in line?
Color Patterns
Complete the color pattern.
Money Changer
Can you figure out the correct change?
Budget Odyssey
Drive a minibus to Budget Balancing Bliss.
Count and Compare
Count the change and then compare it.
Mad Money
See if you can make enough money for all the cool things you want.
Penguin Waiter
Calculate the correct tip to leave the waiter.
Theme Park Favorites
Draw conclusions about Theme Parks after looking at data.
Bugs in the System
Save the Cybrary!
Data Picking
Collect data and then select the correct chart.
Number Line Activities 
Complete the six number line activities.
Mat Board 
Determine the values of the mat.
Adding Integers 
Drag the right tiles onto the mat board to solve the addition problem.
Subtracting Integers 
Drag the right tiles onto the mat board to solve the subtraction problem.
 Can you Fill It?
Pick the combination of pots that will fill the container with the fewest number of pours.
Estimation Contraption
Quickly estimate of what the list of numbers would add up to.
How good are your estimation skills?
Click on a GRADE to view the Ontario Provincial Curriculum, find practice skills, and track Image result for ontario mathperformance.
Grade 1             Grade 2             Grade 3             
Grade 4             Grade 5             Grade 6             
Grade 7             Grade 8
Mathsframe Interactive Math Websites
Click on a title in the left side or click on the website link above … Enjoy – These games are absolutely AMAZING, ADDICTIVE, and AWESOME! A++ all the way!
The most popular free interactive maths games for 2014
Resources organized by objectives from the mathematics curriculum (2014).
Interactive math games to support the teaching of addition and subtraction.
Resources to support the teaching of multiplication and division.
A variety of resources involving positioning numbers on number lines, and comparing numbers, fractions and decimals.
Resources to teach the skills required to answer word problems in a variety of real life contexts.
Use a calculator to solve problems. Each step input into the calculator is recorded and displayed. This makes these games ideal for sharing with your class on an interactive whiteboard, or for children to use independently as they can trace and correct any errors they make.
Interactive maths games to teach fractions, decimals and percentages.
A variety of interactive games and activities to teach measuring and measurements, including mass, capacity, time and temperature.
Interactive maths games to help teach shape and space. Includes 2d and 3d shapes, coordinates, area and perimeter.
Interactive maths games to help teach data handling.
Interactive maths games to support the teaching of money. A variety of international currencies are available.
A variety of interactive Carroll and Venn diagrams which are used to sort shapes and numbers according to their properties.
Resources to support the teaching of partitioning and place value objectives.
I am in the process of organising my interactive resources by the US common core standards. Hopefully this will make resources easier to find for American teachers.
Find interactive resources quickly and easily, organized by Primary Framework objective.
The following games are all available as a single Android App on Google Play.
These games are all linked to objectives from the new mathematics curriculum. All of these games are available as a single app for both iPad and Android.
Fractions, Roman Numerals, Multiples … If you can zap it, you can play it!
Visit the TCDSB website for resources:
An online learning tool (Numeracy and Literacy Activities) for chidren, parents and teachers to use ... anytime!

Available for all parents and children to access and use all summer long.  Also, it is there for all teachers all year long too.  Click the link below or the pictures to take you to the interactive site.