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March is National Engineering Month!  TCDSB and the City join forces to bring the Wonderful World of Engineering to our intermediate students

The City’s Engineering and Construction Services Department invited students from Holy Family and St. Mary’s Catholic Schools to come down to Metro Hall and experience a fun filled morning.
Using the Provincial Grade 6 and 7 curriculum as a guide, the event focused on student learning related to structures, earth systems, and ecosystems.
TCDSB Students spent half of their time indoors on hands-on activities:
  • Using surveying equipment for collecting data that is used by engineers and infrastructure designers.
  • Why it's important to manage water from rain and snowmelt.
  • How roads and sewers are built.
  • Staying safe on construction sites.
The second half of the morning was spent on an outdoor scavenger hunt to find different types of municipal infrastructure. 
These experiential learning opportunities for the students allow them to participate in community-connected learning experiences; reflect on   those experiences to derive meaning from them; and apply their learning in various aspects of their lives.
Students are encouraged to document their learning during these experiences by logging onto myblueprint and adding to their Individualized Pathways Plan (if in grade 7) or My Portfolio (if in grade 6).  Thank you to the Elementary Guidance Counsellors who work with classroom teachers and students as they navigate the wonderful world of career/life planning and create their own pathways to success.
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