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St. Mary Catholic Academy - UNIFORM POLICY


Wearing the SMCA uniform is an obligation and an expectation of all SMCA students.  Ministry of Education regulations and TCDSB policies, require each school community to develop a Uniform Policy which the Principal, Vice Principal and staff are expected by Board of Trustees to enforce strictly.

Students are expected to wear the uniform properly, exhibiting pride, neatness and good grooming.  Adherence to the uniform guidelines will be determined by the Administration and school staff.


  • Uniforms associated with athletics or other co-curricular clubs are not part of the school uniform and cannot be worn during the school day.
  • Absolutely NO modifications to the uniform are permitted. 
  •  Students are expected to remain in uniform all day. 
  •  Headwear of any kind is NOT permitted in the school (unless for religious accommodation).


Consequences for Non-Compliance with the SMCA Policy

Students who repeatedly violate the uniform policy will have their parents and/or guardians contacted by the school Administration.  Students may be required to serve a detention, be sent home or receive progressive discipline.  In emergency situations (deemed by the Administration), students may be given a uniform pass for the day. 


Dress-Down Days and School Excursions

*Please note: these dates may be cancelled as per the Administration.

Dress Down Dates: 2018-19 (cost $2 - monies used for Student Council Fundraising)

October 31 (Halloween Dress Down)

December 21

February 14

March 26

April 12 (monies collected will be donated to the Angel Foundation-Sharelife Program)

April 30

May 28​

Civvies Days are non-uniform days determined by the Administration (aproximately one per month).  Students who wish to dress in civvies are required to pay a ‘toonie’ on each civvies day with the proceeds being donated to a charity (as per the Administration).   If a student does not wish to participate in ‘civvies’ they are required to wear their uniform for the school day.

Note:  SMCA is a professional learning centre and requires that students dress for a conservative Catholic School environment:

·         All students must refrain from wearing crop tops (no visible midrift showing).

·         Shoulder straps must be at least 2 inches wide.

·         No visible undergarments showing.

·         Shorts must be mid thigh in length.

In the event of a discrepancy, the Administration will determine what is appropriate.  If the Administration deems the outfit unacceptable, the parents and/or guardians will be contacted and the student will be asked to go home and change their outfit prior to returning to school.

SMCA uniforms must be purchased from:
R.J. McCarthy Ltd. 360 Evans Ave, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 1K5
Telephone number: 416 593 6900

Golf Shirt (McCarthy only)
St. Mary’s crested, blue or white, long or short sleeved. 
Undershirts: Short sleeved T Shirt, White or Navy only
Optional: Sweater can be worn OVER golf shirt

Gray Pants – (Mc Carthy only)
Students are not permitted to roll up the bottoms of pants nor tuck them into boots, shoes or socks or alter the design of the pant.

Kilt (McCarthy only) 
Worn at a modest and professional length (no shorter than 10cm (4”) from the top of the kneecap).  The kilt must be worn with thick navy blue or black tights or knee socks.  

Navy Shorts (McCarthy only—not to be altered in any way).    
Only worn in September, October, April, May, June
Shorts must be worn with navy blue or black ankle socks.  

Must be solid black in color, including stitching, soles and laces. Insignia, Logos, alternate color trim or accents is not permitted.

Gym Uniform 
To be purchased from the Physical Education teachers during the first week of classes.
** Non-Marking Shoes are required.