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Rebel Girls of St Mary
Support Women’s College Hospital

On December 17, 2019 Lea Lion, Anna Filice-Gagliardi and Eliana Tiberio-Imeneo have been invited to bring the Rebel Girls group of St. Mary Catholic Academy to participate in a tour of the Women's College Hospital. While there, the girls will be meeting  Jennifer Bernard, Dr. Praseedha Janakiram  and Dr. Tania Di Renna. Praseedha is a doctor with our Refugee Clinic and a leader in health equity globally, Tania is the Medical Director of the Toronto Academic Pain Medicine Institute and  Jennifer is the President and CEO of Women’s College Hospital Foundation. Women's College will also feature the group in their newsletter.

Women's College Hospital reached out because of the donation the group made on behalf of St. Mary Catholic Academy. During the week of October 15 to 18,the group collected donations and attempted to raise awareness about "National Persons Day"   Students who gave a donation of 25 cents or more received a monogrammed "REBEL GIRLS" pencil.​  On Friday October the 18th the Rebel Girl students honored the voice and rights of all "Persons" by wearing their REBEL GIRLS T-Shirt and having a pink tea gathering at lunch time in the library. The tradition of the Pink teas started in Britain and in Canada to engender solidarity among female suffragists.
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