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School History and TraditionSt. Mary of the Angels streetview

St. Mary of the Angels is one of the oldest Catholic schools in the Metropolitan Toronto area. It was founded as St. Clement Catholic School, prior to World War I, as part of St. Clement's Parish, which served the Davenport Community from 1915 to 1936. In 1954, the year after the amalgamation of the Metropolitan Separate School Board, it was renamed St. Mary of the Angels to reflect the parish in which it currently resides. Until June 1960, the Sisters of Loretto staffed the school.
The Franciscan Fathers introduced the patron saint to the community when they laid the corner stone of St. Mary of the Angels church in 1936. St. Mary of the Angels was highly venerated by the Italian-Canadian population which, at the time, made up the majority of the community.


St. Mary of the Angels playground
Today, as we begin the preparations to celebrate St. Mary of the Angels  School’s 100th anniversary, the school remains a beacon to its community.  The current school population is representative of the multicultural character of Metropolitan Toronto’s population.                   
 Representing    5 continents, 22 countries, in the school’s population more than 14 % of the children were born outside of Canada, and over 63% of the students speak a different language other than English at home, as often or more than English.                                                       

St. Mary of the Angels Catholic School continues to be a vibrant, safe, inclusive learning community for students, staff and parents.  By working collaboratively  with all shareholders, we continue to have great successes and significant school improvement.