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School History & Tradition

St. Matthew Catholic School is named in honour of the apostle St. Matthew whose name means “the gift of Yahweh” or “the faithful”. Before his conversion St. Matthew (Levi) worked for the Romans as a tax collector and therefore was not very popular among the Jews. After Jesus' death, Matthew traveled to Judea and later to Ethiopia and Persia where he is believed to have been martyred.

St. Matthew Catholic School first opened its doors in 1922 in a renovated house accommodating 77 students. In 1926 part of the initial property was sold and the funds ($42,005) were used to build a brand new two-story, eight-room school.

By 1929, the student population had risen to 193, and by 1959 it had mushroomed to 563 students. Further population increases in subsequent years necessitated three other additions to the 1926 building: 13 additional classrooms in 1963, a small gymnasium and a kindergarten room in 1966, a large gymnasium and library in 1974.

Currently, St. Matthew Catholic School has a diverse student population, many of whom speak a language other than English in the home and who were born outside Canada.
Over the years St. Matthew School has developed a very rich tradition in the areas of academics and athletics. The various graduation awards, tournament pennants, team photographs and the school yearbooks are but a few of the testimonials.








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