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The St. Matthew Catholic School community would like to thank TD Bank for its donation of two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.00) in support of the St. Matthew Catholic School Parent Council’s technology improvement plan. 

TD’s generous contribution will help to fund the purchase of the following hardware: eight iPad Air IIs, eight Apple T.V.s, and eight LCD projectors. The purchase of this hardware has been made through the Toronto Catholic District School Board’s computerized ordering system; it has begun to arrive at the school. 

This technology will be used to enhance curriculum delivery in all areas of study: students will be able to work individually, in groups, or as a whole class accessing resources on the world-wide web and demonstrating and sharing their learning. 

On behalf of the entire School, we would also like to thank Mr. Matthew Hart, a parent member of the School’s community and TD employee, for his dedication to the school and for his efforts in making TD’s contribution possible. 

Below is a visual thank you from Ms. Nancy Das Neves’ grade six class: the students used iPad minis on which they projected their avatars and “Thanks TD,” which were created using Bitstrips (comic) software.