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About Us

St. Matthias Logo

Mission Statement

"We are all an integral part of the Catholic Educational effort. The Spirit in which we carry out our service is a witness to all those in contact with us."

Ontario Catholic Conference of Bishops

How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students

St. Matthias School provides a learning environment where models of Gospel values and Catholic doctrines, teachings and beliefs are an integral part of the daily life of the school. A Catholic environment is evident in the religious education and family life programs at all levels, both formal and informal daily prayers, displays throughout the school, liturgical and paraliturgical celebrations and participation in a variety of charitable endeavours. All members of the St. Matthias School community are expected to interact with each other respectfully and in a peaceful manner. Our school is also developing programs from junior kindergarten to grade 8 which are consistent with Ministry of Education documents. All of the classroom curriculum is adapted by the teachers to meet the varying needs of our pupils. Programs consist of a combination of teacher-directed and student-directed instruction as well as large, small group and individualized instruction.

The individual needs of our pupils are met through the modification of the regular program within the class setting, the delivery of special education programs, family studies and technology, instrumental and vocal music classes, computer literacy programs, French as a second language instruction and English as a second language classes. A computer centre in the library and computers in individual classes provide the students with the opportunity to become computer literate and to use the computer as a tool in their daily lives.
St. Matthias Catholic School also offers a rich co-curricular program which includes public speaking celebrations, science, math and technology fairs, entry into a variety of sports tournaments such as baseball, volleyball, basketball, cross-country and track and field events; participation in academic tournaments such W5H, town hall meetings and poetry in the park, visual arts and music presentations and chess.
Our Parent Handbook outlines a code of behaviour and a dress code as well as other valuable information which pertains to the organization and operation of the school. Our safe arrival and dismissal policy assists us in ensuring that all our students are accounted for.
As a school community, we are committed to providing all our students with learning experiences that will best equip them to live productive and happy lives in a complex and challenging world and to apply Catholic values in their choices and opportunities.