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School History and Tradition 

St. Matthias Catholic School began as a relocatable portable school in 1972 with a total enrollment of 94 pupils. In 1974, a permanent building was erected. Our community takes great pride in the appearance of the school and property. In 1995 the Catholic School Advisory Council purchased trees for the yard to provide beauty as well as shade for the children during the warm summer months.


The school was named for the apostle Matthias. Following the ascension of Jesus into heaven, the apostles met in Jerusalem to choose a replacement for Judas, the traitor. After much consideration, they narrowed the choice to two men, one of whom was Matthias. The apostles prayed and asked the Lord to help them choose wisely. They then drew lots and the decision was made. Matthias became the new apostle and worked hard to spread the word of God to many people. The enemies of Christ, however, became furious at the successful endeavours of Matthias and put him to death. The school always remembers his feast day, May 14, with special celebrations.


Over the years, St. Matthias School has established strong ties with St. Timothy Parish to which it belongs and the other neighbouring schools of the parish. Many of our student graduates continue with their secondary education at Brebeuf College or St. Joseph Morrow Park Catholic Secondary School.